SXSW Dispatches: Johnny Lloyd Rollins Films His Way Through The Sideshows

[Last week, we asked a few bands to check in with us from time to time over the course of the week to tell us about their SXSW experiences. Now, with the fest over, those diatribes are starting to show. Johnny Lloyd Rollins' take on the fest is a little different from the others we've posted so far. For one, none of his showcases were sanctioned SXSW events. And, second, he videotaped his entries. Ah, technology. Enjoy.]

Explains Rollins: "RJ Wafer and Kirk Miller (metro mix NYC) join me for some sightseeing as we do business at SXSW."

Explains Rollins: "Henri Mazza (Creative Director of the Alamo Drafthouse) and I have been friends since we were 14. He blames me personally for 90 percent of the ideas he comes up with for the Drafthouse. His girlfriend, Sarah Pitre, runs one of the most popular blogs in Austin, poshdeluxe.com."

Explains Rollins: "I don't have an iPhone with GPS... so trying to find the Dizzy Rooster turned into an ordeal. Luckily the boys from Red Monroe were there to help."

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