Tape Mastah Steph on Cassette Mixing and What He's Learned from California and Texas

Nevermind turntables. Stephan Gaulon, aka "Tape Mastah Steph" likes to mix with cassettes.

Born in France and imported from the San Francisco area in the early 2000's, we briefly spoke to Tape Mastah Steph in December while gathering a year-end salute to some of our loved lost locals (Tape was close to late DJ Quick Chris), and found a pretty compelling story in his endeavors after Gaulon relocated here from the Bay area 10 years ago and becoming not just a local hip-hop scene fixture, but a local music fan in general, an avid collector and supporter in our record stores, and a damn fine example of upstanding character for the next round of kids that are watching him spin.

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Alan Ayo