Teenage Cool Kids and Fergus & Geronimo Take Over San Francisco, The Internet

It's pretty much a three-way tie, far as we're concerned at least, among locals done good in the indie rock circuit this summer.

There's Alan Palomo, who's had himself quite the season thanks to the successes of his VEGA and Neon Indian projects. And also the entire crew of Telegraph Canyon, about whom we've geeked out plenty in recent weeks. Of course, we'd be remiss to not include Andrew Savage on that list as well; between Teenage Cool Kids, whose Foreign Lands album is one of our favorite discs of the year, local or otherwise, and the Motown-inspired sounds of his much-buzzing Fergus & Geronimo outfit, Savage is proving himself to be quite the jewel in the Metroplex musical cap.

So you can imagine our excitement, then, upon stumbling upon two great new video clips of Savage and his elusive crews running around and performing in San Francisco as part of their international tours. Courtesy of the San Francisco-based Yours Truly blog, these videos (above, Teenage Cool Kids performs "Foreign Lands"; after the jump, Fergus & Geronimo perform "Powerful Lovin'") each made their premiers this week via two great area indie blogs, the first on the new, but great, Weekly Tape Deck, and the second on the ol' Gorilla Vs. Bear standby. Both clips are phenomenal--and a great way to introduce yourself to some of the region's finest talent. Consider them both required viewing.


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