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Telegraph Canyon Gets "Best of What's Next" Nod From Fort Worth Weekly Paste Magazine

Not trying to take the piss out of what should be a celebratory day for Telegraph Canyon today--swear. But, c'mon, we already knew Telegraph Canyon was getting an upcoming Paste mention, so, no, we weren't exactly surprised to day to hear that the band was named to the magazine's "the best of what's next" feature this morning, a la Sarah Jaffe before them. We also knew it was being penned by Fort Worth Weekly music scribe Anthony Mariani, too. So... there's that.

Seems to come at a weird time for the band, though. I chatted with Telegraph frontman Chris Johnson thus past Friday night before his band's performance at The Orbans' Dallas CD release show at Sons of Hermann Hall and he told me the band was going to be stepping back a bit from the spotlight as he continues writing for the next Telegraph disc and his new electronic side project. And, true enough, the band has just five North Texas dates through September, quite the downturn from its normally crowded schedule.

But, surely, all these are minor quibbles. And, with them, we're missing out on the big picture. Which is to say this: Congrats! Also? Love you, dudes.

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