Ten Goosebump-Inducing Movie Score and Soundtrack Moments Not From John Williams

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10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's devastating. Jim Carrey's character "Joel" is erasing the memory of his girlfriend that broke his heart, but he realizes he doesn't want to lose her (Jesus, we're already crying). In his memory, he takes her to his old house when he was a kid to "hide" -- and Jon Brion's music plays as the characters sing "row, row, row your boat." Sniff.

9. Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Somewhere between David Bowie and Queen, this song lives. It's huge. It's liquid inspiration. We dare you not to sing along -- y'know, after you learn the really-fast-end-part.

8. Master and Commander. This is one of the films that should be on more lists. Peter Weir's masterpiece on the subject of naval warfare (adapted from Patrick O'Brian's novel series) is flecked with beautiful pieces of classical music. This piece, which signals the end of the film, is presented over footage of the ship's call to arms. It's just damn fine filmmaking.

7. Blue Velvet. Haunting. Shit.

6. Say Anything. A default pick for a Cameron Crowe might be the Almost Famous "Tiny Dancer" scene, which we've tried to recreate in city buses and man, it really doesn't work. But Say Anything's the big one anyway, because there's no one on Earth who doesn't think, "OMG I'M GOING TO DO THAT WITH MY FAVORITE SONG," upon seeing it. No, seriously.

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