Ten Hands

So, let's see...first Edie Brickell and the New Bos play Club Dada. Then, on July 25, Nick Brisco and Chris Claridy of Fever in the Funkhouse get a gig at the resurrected Deep Ellum mainstay. And now, on Sunday, it's--no, really--Ten Hands, which, last I looked, broke up in 1995. Who's next on the Amnesia Lane circuit? Soul Food Café? Dr. Tongue? Pop Poppins? Then again, getting the old gang together is precisely what the new owners at Dada need to do at this late date. Slapping that Holy Trinity of late '80s bands onstage and out in the courtyard can only serve to remind folks who've stayed away from Deep Ellum for years why they went downtown in the first place: to dig, in part, on the funky free-jazz-gone-mellow-pop rants and rumblings that once served as the neighborhood's foundation. It's old home week as Paul Slavens, now an underappreciated disc-spinner at KERA-FM (90.1), slaps the Ten Hands back together to noodle and doodle at Dada like it's 1988; gonna bust out the hairpiece and fake I.D. for this one, guarantee, then head over to the Twilight Room to check out the ghost of Three on a Hill.

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