Ten Must-See Concerts in DFW This Week: April 4-10

Editor: April showers, right? But a little water isn't stopping anyone, which is good because there are excellent shows happening this week. Including the blissfully strange Danny Brown, touring with beat master and unexpected meme star Baauer. -topic and his TeamFromNoWhere are throwing a party on Saturday at Club Dada -- they're some of the most creative artists working in the city right now. And the clouds are supposed to be gone by the weekend, leaving you with perfect walking around weather for the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. The rest of our picks follow.

Daniel Hart - "How Can Love Be Wrong" from charlyneyi on Vimeo.

Daniel Hart/Dark Rooms with Jeremy Buller at the Patio Sessions, Thursday, April 4 at AT&T Performing Arts Center, Free Daniel Hart, the talented vocalist and violinist, contributed some string work four of the songs from North Carolina's Mount Moriah's latest album ("I Built a Town," "Miracle Temple Holiness," "Swannanoa" and "Telling the Hour"). He helped them with their fantastic debut from 2011, as well. The 2012 DOMA Male Vocalist of the Year is no stranger to collaboration, but the best showcase of his talents is in this somewhat rare local showcase of his own music. --Kelly Dearmore

19th Annual Deep Ellum Arts Festival Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7, at Main Street in Deep Ellum, Free For nearly 20 years, Deep Ellum's streets have been home to its springtime Arts Festival, which features more than 200 decorative and visual artists selling original works and more than 70 local bands on four different outdoor stages. This year has a ton more singer-songwriters than last year, but every genre of music will be there: folk, blues, country, indie rock, reggae, jazz fusion, rockabilly, punk, soul, funk and hip-hop. A few more reasons to get excited about the music portion of the fest include sets from some of the area's veterans like former Dallas Songwriters Association president and blues/jazz musician Steve Sullivan and chicken-dance-inspiring polka/world beat band Brave Combo. Some of the area's fresher faces like Chris Watson (who has opened for B.B. King, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pat Benatar), classical-meets-rock ensemble Home by Hovercraft, melody connoisseur Nicholas Altobelli & the Gigawatts, jazzy pop band Reinventing Jude and foot-stomping folksters Fox & the Bird won't disappoint either. Head to for the full lineup and to map your extensive plan of attack for the three-day celebration. -- Rachel Watts

Hayes Carll, Warren Hood & The Goods Friday, April 5, at The Kessler Theater, $22.50 With or without the controversy surrounding his song "She Left Me for Jesus," Hayes Carll would still be considered one of our state's greatest songwriters. Over the course of a decade, Carll has released four superb country/rock albums, each one better and more successful than the last. Catch him at his second performance on Friday at the Kessler this weekend with opening act Warren Hood & the Goods, or you can see him this summer at KXT's Summer Cut 2013. -- Rachel Watts

Juan Atkins, DJ Red Eye, Ill76 Saturday, April 6, at It'll Do Club, $15/$20 Saturday at East Dallas' favorite dance club we are in for a real treat. Like, for real. DJ, techno originator and electronic music aficionado Juan Atkins will be in the house. Whether you know him by one of his many names over the years, including Cybotron, Model 500, Channel One or Infiniti, you should know the man who single-handedly churned techno out of Detroit in the 1980s. Opening the night is what I can only guess will be an exciting spinoff between two locals: DJ Red Eye vs Ill76. --Rachel Watts

-topic, TeamFromNowhere, Cutter, Tunk, Kozmic Sisters, BrainGang, Raw Elementz, Alsace Carcione, Taylor Effin' Cleveland, Glo Gaines, Mga-Czar, K Kelley Saturday, April 6, at Dada, $10-$15 Gone are the days when up-and-coming rappers would bask in the shine of a single stage light. Dallas lyricist and poet -topic didn't think one stage was enough for TeamFromNowhere, the diverse collective he leads, so he got two. Club Dada will play host to his whole damn team, plus the best in Dallas hip-hop: Cutter, Tunk, Kozmic Sisters, BrainGang, Raw Elementz, Alsace Carcione, Taylor Effin' Cleveland, Glo Gaines, Mga-Czar, K Kelley and more. -topic is a charismatic performer who delivers his thoughtful lyrics with a smile. Recently back from gigs at 35 Denton and SXSW, -topic is here to put his team and Dallas hip-hop on the map. You can catch him walking the streets of Deep Ellum: He'll be the bandana-wearing, bead-swangin', apple juice-sippin, potato-chippin' maestro leading his TeamFromNowhere into the future. -- Lee Escobedo

Lord Tracy, Lowside, Spiders, Chastity, Bankok Shock, Deep South Union, Blackout Saturday, April 6, at Trees, $20 The original lineup of Lord Tracy, which features Pantera vocalist Terry Glaze, shall reform for this special show at Trees. The four-piece headlines with a staggering five supporting acts and it most certainly will rock. Given the band's tendency to pummel along with a sense of humor, expect songs like "She's a Bitch" and "East Coast Rose." And in terms of the crowd, this should be something of a reunion of friends and fans. Just don't shout out for old Pantera songs like "All Over Tonight" or "Hot and Heavy." -- Eric Grubbs

Grizzly Bear, Owen Pallett Saturday, April 6, at Palladium Ballroom, $30 Longtime local fans of Grizzly Bear should be thankful for a spring show, as surely we all remember the sauna that was the band's June 2009 performance. So, let's break out the cardigans and order a vodka tonic -- Grizzly Bear is here. Brooklyn's favorite psych-folkers are journeying into town behind their fourth studio album, Shields, an overtly warm effort that sees the band slightly departing from the dreamscapes of their previous albums. The change seems to stem from the band working more as a collective then they had on previous albums and from a return to their roots by recording at the same Cape Cod location where they recorded 2006's Yellow House, following an aborted attempt to record in Marfa. Indie-pop violin virtuoso Owen Pallet serves as the opening act and I encourage you to arrive in time for his set. Pallet's music actually deserves the description of "beautiful" and you never know what covers he'll break out during his set. -- Jaime-Paul Falcon

Cody Canada & the Departed, Rodney Parker & the 50 Peso Reward, Statesboro Revue Saturday, April 6, at Granada Theater, $16-$32 Last spring, the Departed's Cody Canada dropped quite the bomb on fans of Texas/Red Dirt music everywhere when he told us here at the Dallas Observer the real reasons behind the demise of his old band, the massively popular Cross Canadian Ragweed. The truth was simple: He was ready to completely move on and look forward to the things that the Departed had in-store. This past November, the band, which also consists of fellow guitar player/co-lead singer Seth James, made the statement Canada has been itching to make for some time -- and what a statement it is. Their fantastic album Adventus is the first true Departed album, as their 2011 debut comprised cover songs written by some of their Okie heroes. Mixing gritty garage sounds, soulful gospel, Southern rock and a healthy dose of funk, the group has proven to be far more than a rebound project for Canada and fellow former Ragweed member Jeremy Plato. The band name is telling in that this is a group that's now detached from sounds of the past as they steamroll along with their songs of the present. -- Kelly Dearmore

Sigur Rós Monday, April 8, at Verizon Theatre, $42.75 Icelandic, English, "Hopelandic" -- whatever language Sigur Ros' new album is going to be in, you can be sure it will be slow, glacial even, beautiful in a way few other bands can match, and that it will make for a wonderful live show. The Icelandic ambient group are renowned for their gigs, which are always nothing short of spectacular.

As the shimmering beauty that is Sigur Ros comprises one of the few bands that, due to the scope and speed of the sounds they create, are absolutely preferable to see while seated, this is one of the rare times I can say that a band has chosen the Verizon Theater and in doing so made a good decision. That incredible distinction alone should make it worth your while to see this gig, which is bound to feature new material from the forthcoming Sigur Ros album Kveikur, to be released in June. Tickets still available. -- Gavin Cleaver

Baauer, Danny Brown Wednesday, April 10, at Trees, $20 Scoremore has done it again with the Worst of Both Worlds Tour. Danny Brown, Detroit's grimy rap Casanova, will spend the month of April touring the Southwest with Baauer, the overnight celebrity DJ responsible for the song behind the viral "Harlem Shake" video craze. The genre crossover between EDM and hip-hop has been on the horizon for some time, but seems to be getting closer to infiltrating the mainstream than ever. Fools Gold Records has especially been making headway by putting Brown, who's known for house-influenced beat selection, on bills with big names in the EDM scene. The crowd will be young, but it's rare to see such a well executed union of two different scenes. Expect glowsticks, stay hydrated. -- Vanessa Quilantan

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