Ten of Our Favorite DFW Music Community Members: The Best of Local Music 'Mericans

It's been a ride. For nearly four years, I've enjoyed writing the Local Music 'Mericans column, getting to know some of my neighbors who are in love with music at least as much as I am.

As a tribute to this column known as Local Music 'Mericans, I've been asked to list my top ten Q&A's in the history of doing the column. And while it really is true to some extent that every one is special to me, there were definitely a handful of people I walked away from feeling especially educated and inspired. And, while only picking ten is a chore from a pool of over 150 interviews, what follows is a handful of true "Local Muse" from people right here in our own backyard that made me want to be a better person and music fan.

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Alan Ayo