Ten of Our Favorite DFW Music Community Members: The Best of Local Music 'Mericans

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10. Jazz vocalist/instructor Damon Clark DFW's jazz is not the easiest to infiltrate, so finding someone like Clark was especially sweet. He's unapologetically candid and filterless on Facebook (not easy to pull off in such delicate environs as a jazz community) and, among his other great expressions of music passion, Clark made a profound point about paying artists a living wage. Hear, hear.

9. Doublewide owner Kim Finch Finch is an idea fountain and labor-of-love entrepreneur. She draws her inspiration from such corners as her history in Assassination City Roller Derby (under the moniker of Puncho Villa). And she has a reputation for being an especially gifted party host who burns brightly in the middle whatever soiree' she walks into.

8. Collector/curator/record store & 8-track museum owner Bucks Burnett Full credit to Kirtland Records' Tami Thomsen for the referral to Burnett, whom I had heard of, but had assumed that he'd be about as easy to reach via modern communication methods as, say, Bill Wisener at Bill's Records. Nothing could be further from the truth. He's a wealth of music history and information, with insane contacts in his phone like Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend and Chris and Tina Weymouth, but that's only the peripheral points of interest with Bucks. He's an eccentric, mad scientist of all things rock, both local and global. He's exhaustingly un-boring to listen to. Burnett knows his shit, and we're so lucky to have him.

7. KNON Blues Radio Personality Don O For the better part of three decades, O. has driven into KNON, to host a weekly radio show that carries the flag for what might be the most underrated and unfairly forgotten genres of local music: North Texas Blues. There's just simply not anyone else out there on the air in DFW still reminding you about Freddie King, while turning you onto a new kid on the block. Thank heavens for Don. An awful important part of our history would be gaining rust right now if not for his consistent, noble work.

6. Matthew Vickers and Evan Henry of Dallas Distortion Music Matt and Evan from DDM: What modesty. What balls (Pushing cassettes! To KIDS. In 2014! Fucking bold, my friends). Most importantly, what pure, unfettered music fandom from the bottom of their hearts. They know the blogs, and do they ever know the new bands. You don't have a hope in hell of keeping up with the newest, most exotic sounds like these two do, nor do you have a chance of dancing and flailing at their shows as freely and relentlessly as Evan does. It's crazy to think those two are headed anywhere but way, way up.

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