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Ten of the Best Doormen and Doorwomen in Dallas

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Tim Ziegler - Granada

Former corporate lackey, now Venue Manager of the Granada, Tim has been living and breathing the club life since playing in a local band. Growing tired of "CEO bullshit," he eventually volunteered barbacking at Elm Street, Tattoo X-mas parties at Curtain Club and a few shifts at Club Clearview. When he landed at the Granada, he decided "to work as hard as I could and never return to the corporate world." And it's paid off.

Rhett Breon and Jared the Door Guy - Prophet Bar

"Going to shows back in the day" became a common motto among door men/women. And this next door/parking lot guy on the list has enjoyed plenty of shows at the Prophet Bar. Rhett has been working the door, parking area and whatever else his bosses need him to do. "For me it's more music that I've seen," he explains. "This UK band called The Whores was amazing, and AWOL Nation right before they exploded was cool." And when it comes to music, door guy Jared - who's been at the club for five years now - agrees with Rhett: "The girls dancing on the bar when the Lumineers played" was one of his most memorable experiences.

Eric Murry - Reno's Biker Bar

When your dad owns a bar, the last thing you'd want to do is stand at the door and greet the assholes who enter the establishment unless you're running from the law or hiding from your ex. Eric has been watching his father's door for about a year now. He recently moved back from Las Vegas, but no - he's not running from the mob. "I just love people," he says and smiles. "People make me happy, so I enjoy making them happy." Since working at Reno's, Eric has seen some wild things, but the most exciting moment, for him, is when patrons stand on the small, not so-sturdy tables and try to dance like strippers twirling around a stripper pole. "I'm there to be their 'fall catcher.'"

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