Texas Department of Public Safety Hearts Thom Yorke

Me, I’m a big Radiohead fan. I couldn’t get tickets to the recent show here in Dallas, but I was fortunate to see them at the Woodlands the night before, which turned out to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t get much better than seeing Thom Yorke do his thing, and the peeps at the Texas Department of Public Safety are right there with me, it seems.

Yes, they love Yorke, too, and aren’t afraid to show it. Need proof?

Well, it turns out that if you are trying to research individuals with private security licenses, it’s none other than Thom Yorke that appears as the example name for input--his birthday, too. Preceding the form are these instructions:

“For example, suppose a search for 'Yorke' in the Last Name field returns too many results. You can additionally specify the first name, social security, date of birth, state, zip and license type to narrow the search results. In contrast, suppose a search for 'Yorke' returns no results. You can expand your search by just searching for 'York'.”

I couldn't help wishing that the zip code listed was his, too, meaning Yorke, who lives in England, would be just a stone's throw away in Austin. Maybe then it wouldn’t be a decade in between Radiohead shows in Dallas. See ya in 2018, Thom. --Sam Merten

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