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The 10 Best Bars in Dallas to Get Drunk on the Cheap

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6. Crown & Harp The fact that the barkeeps can be dicks sometimes shouldn't deter you. The atmosphere is what makes Crown & Harp great as the music is almost always on point. DJ nights hit either one of the two floors frequently, as do shows -- mostly from local bands, but sometimes with touring independent acts. The mark of a good time is easily amplified by good music, sometimes stumbled upon, and Crown & Harp has that in spades.

1914 Greenville Ave., Dallas,

5. The Goat The Goat is located in Lakewood, near White Rock, which is like basically Garland, right? Jokes about Dallas geography aside, this place is like what we imagine jumping in that DeLorean and heading back into Dallas' past might be like. The blues is a staple at the place, where musicians dole it out nearly every night. A few nights a week, there's karaoke too. Thank God, the drinks are cheap here, because unless you're from Japan, where the activity was created, karaoke is about a quarter as fun without a little buzz.

7248 Gaston Ave., Dallas,

4. Lee Harvey's I'll be damned if Dallas doesn't have the weirdest fascination with the fact that a president got a bullet to the dome here. But, here we are, with Lee Harvey's, which isn't confirmed to have been named after Mr. Oswald, but coincidences are for the X-Files. It's a fine bar, and not a patsy. The dive's got a full food menu, cheap drinks, and a big-ass patio. The hype about the onion rings is more than well-earned and that grease is scientifically proven to curb the eventual hangover.

1807 Gould St., Dallas,

3. Grapevine Bar Grapevine Bar, a bar where you might find Observer staffers swilling away drinks on a lazy Friday afternoon, is cheap and isn't smack dab next to another bar in proximity. This is always the mark of a gem, because you may get more of a communal spirit. But, far and above the best thing Oak Lawn delight is that there's a basketball goal on the patio. Not sure there is anything that makes a night better than a fade away while getting faded.

3902 Maple Ave., Dallas,

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