The 10 Best Metal Songs of 2012

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X. Pig Destroyer, "Burning Palm" Not only does the sonofabitch want to burn your mind with his lyrics, he also wants to hold your hand while he's leading you through the flame. Book Burner, one of the most critically acclaimed metal albums of 2012, offers a host of songs that make you want to scream "fire!" as Letterman's clone sends his troops into the heartland.

IX. Converge, "All We Love We Leave Behind" Known for their bursts of brilliance, this band from Salem, Massachusetts, has been called "one of the most original and innovative bands to emerge from the punk underground," and we tend to agree. This song bleeds emotion. Letterman's clone cried for hours.

VIII. Dethklok, "I Ejaculate Fire" It wouldn't be a top 10 list without this death metal band pushing the boundaries with a truly metal formula: scantily clad demons and blowjobs. Grueling lyrics, ejaculating pharaohs and skulls send this demonic album up the charts. Dethalbum III needs a warning: "Only hit play if you wish to die today."

VII. Pinkish Black, "Bodies in Tow" Is she a ballerina? Is she a cheerleader? These are just some of the thoughts running through my mind as I slowly bang my head to this Fort Worth duo's unusual black metal groove. Catch the recently signed act this Saturday at Lola's, and get a taste of what might be on the follow-up to this year's self-titled.

VI. Dying Fetus, "Subjected to a Beating" I swear Satan, or a really angry mall Santa Claus, is this band's lead singer. Murder, mayhem, death, choking, spilling guts and screaming all make an appearance on 2012 release Reign Supreme.

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