The 10 Best Music Videos Featuring Puppets

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10. Weezer -- "Keep Fishin'"

By the time Weezer got around to releasing 2002's Maladroit, the band was in full-on post-hiatus mode, having already returned to the spotlight after a five-year absence with 2001's Green Album. A little help from the Muppets helped keep them there, with Animal sitting in for a kidnapped-by-Miss-Piggy Pat Wilson on the kit.

9. Trace Adkins, "Brown Chicken Brown Cow."

Not since Team America have we seen puppets do the nasty with such aplomb as in this video. Extra points go to the voyeuristic barn animals, who creep on the prurient puppets with video cameras in hand.

8. Brighton Port Authority, "He's Frank."

Brighton Port Authority is the current working moniker for British DJ Norman Cook, best known as Fatboy Slim. (He's been performing as BPA since 2008.) This track features Iggy Pop on vocals, and the video features an Iggy Pop puppet, complete with that trademark Cryptkeeper face and wiry limbs.

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