The 10 Best Music Videos Featuring Puppets

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4. Lily Allen, "Alfie."

It seems appropriate that adorable Lily's shiftless stoner brother is played by a puppet in this video. Goes with the generally cute theme of this soberingly anti-drug anthem.

3. Elton John and the Muppets, "Crocodile Rock."

When Cee-Lo Green turned up at the Grammys in an outrageous feathered costume this past February, the world collectively scratched its head. Let us put all confusion to rest with this video, which shows Elton, dressed as a bird of paradise, performing with the Muppets in a jungle setting. Cee-Lo's tribute to John's fabulous performance was witty, although it didn't quite measure up. No one wears feathers and big sunglasses quite as fabulously as Sir Elton.

2. Genesis, "Land of Confusion."

Despite the near-deification that Reagan has received in recent years, there was a time when folks weren't so enthusiastic about his policies. This surreal concept video hearkens back to a time when a) some folks were mistrustful of Reagan's foreign policy, and b) surreal concept videos were considered artsy and deep.

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Laura Mann