Best Of Dallas

The 10 Best Record Stores In Dallas

A year ago it wouldn't have made sense to make a list like this.It would have been quite difficult to number off 10 local record stores, much less 10 good ones, much less ten great ones. But now our city is in the midst of a record store resurgence of sorts (the last few months alone have seen three new entries open shop). Call it fate, call it divine intervention, call it optimistic business planning; it doesn't matter. Regardless of the hows and whys, here we are, and so a victory lap is in order.

It wasn't easy to nail down the list, even less easy to order it. Fingers were dirtied, miles were driven and bank accounts were crippled, but the dirty work rendered a top 10 that makes one thing very clear: When it comes to record shopping options, Dallas is pretty damn lucky.

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Jonathan Patrick