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The 10 Best Sports Bars in Dallas

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10. Time Out Tavern

Yeah, that's right: One of the best sports dives in Dallas sits in the Park Cities. It makes literally zero sense, but it's true. The bartenders are cranky, the sports are front and center and it randomly was used as a spot for a pop-up ramen spot. Like I said, this place makes zero sense, but it's a hell of a place to catch a game, so go and enjoy the weirdness.

5101 W. Lovers Ln., Dallas,

9. The Labb

Denton's best spot to catch sports also features the town's largest patio area that's frequently used for live music. The Labb rose to fame during the summer of 2011 when the Rangers made a world series run and the Mavericks won their only NBA championship. The cavernous spot offered $1 beers during the games and would quickly reach capacity. Since then it's become the place to catch everything from a mid-summer ball game to a UFC bout and their beloved Mavericks.

218 W. Oak St., Denton,

8. 1st & 10

So, uh, try to ignore their love of sharing Republican-sponsored photos on Facebook and their love of SMU, and just try to enjoy your sports experience. Listen, I can make a lot of concessions in order to enjoy a good burger (1st & 10 has a fantastic one) and a game. Hell, I can ignore Rand Paul talk for love of basketball, so I'm putting this on the list. You like sports, the people here like sports, so like sports together.

6465 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas,

7. The Franchise

This Plano spot makes the list because each booth comes with its own speaker, and dammit it's nice to be able to actually listen to the game from time to time. Lets run down the list of what makes this place great: Sound in the booths, damn good food, strong drinks and TVs everywhere. Sports bars aren't hard to do, but kinda easy to fuck up, and despite this place's love of karaoke, they manage to not fuck up.

3000 Custer Rd., Plano,

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