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The 10 Best Sports Bars in Dallas

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6. Ojos Locos

The premier place to watch soccer is not The Libertine, but a place ex-Observer web editor Gavin Cleaver lovingly called "Mexican Hooters." This Northwest Highway take on the breasturant concept is less about breast and more about the -ruant. There's delicious Tex-Mex food and a litany of drink specials, as well as giant towers of beer. There is no better place to watch boxing, soccer or a random Cowboys game, because this place doesn't get hyped -- it stays hyped.

10230 Technology Blvd. E., Dallas,

5. Press Box Grill

Downtown Dallas has a few gems (we're looking at you City Tavern), and the Press Box is their sports loving gem. They do a commendable job of picking a quality beer for their monthly $3 specialty brew, and the area is well-lit and friendly. This is not something you often get from a sports bar, hence why this place has become the go-to spot for out-of-town fans who come to Dallas, on business or to catch their team play out in Arlington at the Death Star.

1623 Main St., Dallas,

4. T-N-T Sports Page

Weirdly enough this place is a Bears, Vikings and Cowboys bars. In other words it's a little schizophrenic with who it's catering to, but that's not why it's on the list. This Beltline and Preston sports dive makes the list for its many TVs, its pool tables, its thin crust pizza, delicious wings, friendly staff and generally nice ambiance. Sometimes you just want to be a chill bro, and chill at a chill bro spot. This is the place for you to chill, bro.

14902 Preston Rd., Dallas,

3. Stan's Blue Note

Greenville Avenue's favorite giant sports dive is the No. 1 spot for M-Street residents to catch a game, stumble into and throw-up during the St. Patrick's Day parade. The Observer named Stan's the best sports bar of 2013, and it's a well deserved win as it's been one of the best spots to drink heavily and argue about Tony Romo for years. Bonus points for their annual UT vs. OU party madness.

2908 Greenville Ave., Dallas,

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