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The 10 Best Venues for Free Live Music in Dallas-Fort Worth

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5. Twilite Lounge

The live music at Twilite Lounge is so good that it probably shouldn’t be free, but just go on ahead and thank your lucky stars that it is. Shows from artists like Sam Outlaw, the Old 97s’ Rhett Miller (and the Old 97's themselves) and other local faves are frequently packed to elbow-to-elbow capacity, which either means that we’re all broke or just really enthusiastic about good local tunes.

2640 Elm St., Dallas,
4. The Balcony Club

If you prefer your live music of the old-school variety, get thee to The Balcony Club immediately. This Lakewood bar is a real Dallas institution, what with its 1950s lounge vibe and list of storied jazz, blues and standards performers. If you’re a jazz enthusiast, make The Balcony Club a stop on your weekly rotation to here some of the University of North Texas’ Grammy-winning jazz band’s best players before they hit it big.

1825 Abrams Pkwy., Dallas,
3. The Rustic

Texas country legend Pat Green is involved with this venue, so you know it’s going to be legit. The outdoor stage has played host to stars like Kacey Musgraves and Salt N’ Pepa, but you’ll be equally pleased with the lesser-known artists who grace this stage on a weekly basis. Notably, it ain’t just country that gets booked here — you’ll also find pop, R&B, and excellent local jams.

3656 Howell St., Dallas,
2. Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

If you don’t have the cash to pony up for a ticket at Gas Monkey Live, Gas Monkey Bar & Grill (or GMBNG for short) is one hell of a consolation prize. Like its bigger sister venue, GMBNG features incredible attention to sound quality, especially considering that its stage is planted in that awesome outdoor patio and right on the edge of a small, manmade lake. 

10261 Technology Blvd. E., Dallas,
1. Adair’s Saloon

Depending on what night of the week it is, you can see a relatively unknown new artist or a hot up and comer on the tiny stage at Adair’s. If the atmosphere is relatively chill (as it is on weeknights), pop in for a few cheap beers while you listen to a fledgling singer-songwriter hone their voice. On the weekends, you’re more likely to find Texas country circuit fixtures in a decidedly more raucous environment.

2624 Commerce St., Dallas,
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