The 100 Best Texas Songs: The Complete List

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44. Erykah Badu, "On & On" "On & On" takes me back to the first time I heard Baduizm, and was transformed. Nearly 15 years later, "On & On" hasn't aged a bit. It's frequently the vamp when Badu is about to drop some real talk on her audience. "What good will your words do, when they can't understand you?" - Deb Doing Dallas

43. Red Krayola, "Hurricane Fighter Plane" From 1967's Parable of Arable Land comes a song that's entirely driven by that glorious bassline. The Houston group, led by Mayo Thompson, has been playing one-off shows recently. Texas deserves one, don't you think? - Audra Schoeder

42. George Strait, "All My Ex's Live in Texas" This song could have been written in any decade across the last century, but Strait did it in 1987, subsequently making us wonder if he was a smug asshole or in on the joke, which is a testament to his grasp of irony, story and true country. - Audra Schroeder

41. ZZ Top, "La Grange" In recent years, the Top have recycled their shtick a bit too often, but this track, from 1973, was the band at their peak. They turned a local news story about a whorehouse into two kick-ass guitar solos and smacked the world upside the head. - Doug Davis

40. Freddie King, "You've Got To Love Her With a Feeling" This won't be the last appearance by King on our list. The Dallas blues guitarist gives some real talk: Love your woman with a feeling, or you won't have her at all. And, as usual, King rips into a wig-lifting solo halfway through. - Audra Schroeder

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