The 100 Best Texas Songs: The Complete List

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39. Billy Joe Shaver, "Live Forever" "Live Forever" is an emotional experience. The line, "Don't let the darkness take them" is tear-inducing, given that his own son, Eddy, was taken by heroin. Shaver's definition of "living forever" isn't what most envision; he's singing about seeing his family again on the other side, not about playing dive bars until he drops. - Kelly Dearmore

38. Selena, "Dreaming of You" "Dreaming of You" is the title track off Selena's sixth, and final album. Dreaming of You was released in 1995 and debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts, four months after the singer was tragically murdered by the ex-president of her fan club. The ballad was Selena's biggest single, and is probably one of the songs she's most recognized for. - Catherine Downes

37. The Dicks, "Saturday Night at the Bookstore" "Another Saturday night at the bookstore, and it looks like every fucking piece of trash in town blew in," sings Gary Floyd, introducing this four-minute screed against homophobia. The Austin punks never minced words, especially Floyd. He feverishly directs its taunting chorus at hypocrites and bigots: "I'm at the bookstore/I'm at the bookstore/I'm at the bookstore/You're at the bookstore too!" - Audra Schroeder

36. Bugs Henderson, "Shuffle King" Henderson passed earlier this year, but he left a hefty back catalog to pick from. - Audra Schroeder

35. Butch Hancock, "Split and Slide" Hancock essentially penned a short story here, about two characters stumbling through the Texas desert. Butch knows his audience, and seeing this novella done live is the best way to absorb it. - Audra Schroeder

34.Tex Ritter, "Dallas Darling" Singer, politician movie star, father of John Ritter. Tex had a big life, but his buoyant voice was always the centerpiece of every country song. - Audra Schroeder

33. Guy Clark, "Dublin Blues" This somber, but sweet tale grows even more heartfelt when Clark sings about missing the Mad Dog margaritas of Austin's Texas Chili Parlor. Because let's face it, those things are terrible. - Kelly Dearmore

32. Sir Douglas Quintet, "At the Crossroads" A pure product of San Antonio who managed to embody its country, R&B and Tejano traditions, Doug Sahm first broke through by masquerading as an Englishman, at the behest of "Crazy Cajun" Huey P. Meaux. He penned this absent lover's lament from a drug fugitive's exile in the more freak-friendly Bay Area, but left no doubt where his heart still resided. - Ken Shimamoto

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