The 100 Best Texas Songs: The Complete List

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31. Daniel Johnston, "True Love Will Find You In the End" Despite the flashes of popularity, curiosity and heartbreak that have sprung up around Johnson in the last two decades, his songs have always remained pure, unconcerned with fads or the passing of time, forever obsessed with monsters and love and the parallels therein. - Audra Schroeder

30. 13th Floor Elevators, "Slip Inside This House" "You're Gonna Miss Me" is usually the go-to when talking about the Houston psychedelic group, but this track, from 1967's sophomore LP Easter Everywhere, shows how they could also nail a long-form song. - Audra Schroeder

29. Jimmie Dale Gilmore, "Dallas" Perhaps we're a little biased on this one, since the blog gets its name from it, but the line, "Dallas is a rich man with a death wish in his eye/A steel and concrete soul with a warm-hearted love disguise" seems eerily prescient. - Audra Schroeder

28. Ornette Coleman, "Lonely Woman" The prophetically titled The Shape of Jazz to Come would manifest its shapelessness with avant-garde improvisation and arrangements that were completely devoid of orthodoxy or structure. "Lonely Woman" is the album's standout, and one of the greatest examples of how unpredictable melody can be just as powerful as harmony. - Zach Hale

27. Buddy Holly, "Everyday" Like all of Holly's best, the song is remarkably simple, yet it exudes a profoundly earnest and deceptively bold song craft. - Zach Hale

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