The 100 Best Texas Songs: The Complete List

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97. Devin the Dude, "Doobie Ashtray" Devin uses the minor annoyance of discovering a guest took the last bit of herb from an ashtray to illustrate how frustrating it is to lose something and be left with nothing, whether it's as big as a yacht or as small as some pot. - Jesse Hughey

96. Baboon, "Night of the Long Knives" As heavy as it is melodic, urgent and noisy, this was always a crowd favorite during Baboon's frequent shows back in Denton's glorious '90s. It could have been some kind of fight anthem, but the guys in the band seemed too nice to inspire anything more serious than some moshing -- if a pit could keep up with the blazing guitar. - Jesse Hughey

95. Lyle Lovett, "She's No Lady, She's My Wife" While Lovett's catalog is bursting with examples of clever word play, this song's sly humor is about as good as it gets. - Doug Davis

94. At the Drive-In, "One Armed Scissor" Many screamo bands have attempted to make something as good as At the Drive-In's material, but you can't argue with an original. - Eric Grubbs

93. Lil Keke ft. Paul Wall and Bun B, "Chunk Up The Deuce" Under the tutelage of Michael "5000" Watts, Swishahouse became one of the preeminent independent Houston labels at the height of America's obsession with everything grain-gripping and syrup-sipping. With its drum patterns and daunting keys, Lil Keke's "Chunk Up The Deuce" eventually became one of the most memorable songs from the period. - Austin Staubus

92. Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Pride & Joy" "Pride & Joy" was Texas Flood's most enduring track. The song's blues-rock riff hides a bit of improvisation, reminding listeners that guitar solos didn't have to be compartmentalized and predictable. - Shahryar Rizvi

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