The 100 Best Texas Songs: The Complete List

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91. ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, "Richter Scale Madness" From their 1998 self-titled debut, this song stands out more for the fire they put into it live. A Trail of Dead show could always end in chaos, and if you Google this song, you'll see proof of how many times it did. - Audra Schroeder

90. The Dixie Chicks, "Not Ready To Make Nice" This song not only pushed them farther away from the country establishment they had grown to hate as much as it hated them, it offered an intelligent and sincere response to those haters. Oh, and it helped the Chicks sweep the Grammys in 2007. - Kelly Deamore

89. Polyphonic Spree, "Soldier Girl" A few years ago, I was patrolling CD Source for an album with a friend. 2002's The Beginning Stages Of... was playing in the background of the busy store, yet the flutey, weird chorus caught both of us. - Nick Rallo

88. Scratch Acid, "Owner's Lament" Remember when Scratch Acid had a violin in one of their songs? - Audra Schroeder

87. Nomads, "Be Nice" This '60s Fort Worth foursome share a name with several other aggregations, most notably some sonically similar '80s Swedes, and included future jazz guitarist Bill Ham. "Be Nice" is notable for the most blood-curdling shriek ever uttered by a 15-year-old boy while his mother waited in a station wagon outside the recording studio. - Ken Shimamoto

86. Spoon, "The Way We Get By" Between the song's personality, Britt Daniel's rascally croon and the gloriously off kilter aesthetic that would soon come to define the band, "The Way We Get By" will forever be Spoon's crowning achievement, a timeless Polaroid of the Texas pop legends at the tip of their creative summit. - Zach Hale

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