The 20 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, February 13-19

It's Valentine's Day weekend in Dallas, and clearly, something about live music turns you people on. This entire week is jam packed with notable concerts, every single night. For your hot and heavy week ahead, we've got twenty live music date night options to try and help get you laid. Get a room in Denton for a romantic extended stay at the 7th Annual Thin Line Film (and now music) Festival. Maybe you're lucky enough to have nabbed tickets to the long sold out Neutral Milk Hotel, Lord Huron, or Young The Giant shows and have been planning a special night for months. Maybe you're single and just want to roll one up with your homies and say, "Fuck it!" In that case, I'll see you at Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on Thursday.

Happy Valentines Day, Dallas. Use protection and stuff. Babies make it really hard to get out to concerts.

Thin Line Fim and Music Fest Thursday, February 13 - Sunday, February 16 in Denton, Tx Before 2014, the Thin Line Film Festival was Texas' only documentary film festival fest that prided itself on conceptually blurring the ever-thinning line between fact and fiction. But after six progressive years as the internationally known 10-day short film party, Thin Line will blur even more lines as five-day film and music festival in Denton, Texas on February 12 through 16. The Lou Barlow-fronted Sebadoh will headline, and 18 other mostly local bands will join them. Among those scheduled to appear are AV the Great, Booty Fade, Dim Locator, Fungi Girls, Jenny Robinson and Robert Gomez. Check the full lineup on the Thin Line web site. Shawn Gadley

Rebirth Brass Band Thursday, February 13, at The Live Oak Horns blare in harmony, umbrellas speckled throughout the crowd bob up and down, and second-line two-steppers move around you in perfect time. You may not be in New Orleans, but Rebirth Brass Band's live show is the closest Dallas can get. In their four decades together, Rebirth Brass Band have become a defining force in New Orleans jazz. Whether they're blowing out their long-standing Tuesday night residency at uptown NOLA's The Maple Leaf, on the set of HBO's critically acclaimed post-Katrina drama Treme, or being greeted at Japanese airports Beatlemania-style, Rebirth bring the Big Easy everywhere they go. This is not just live music, this is a singular cultural experience. Vanessa Quilantan

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Thursday, February 13, at Trees Although the members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony may be getting a little long in the hip-hop tooth, the band still deserves credit for developing a unique approach to the genre that brought some much-needed melody to the gangsta rap roar. E. 1999 Eternal (ironically from 1995) is the band's landmark recording as it features the much imitated "The Crossroads." Uni5: The World's Enemy, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's eighth effort, came out in May and shows that the band is still masterful at those super-fast rhymes and super mellow grooves. Darryl Smyers

The Bright Light Social Hour Thursday, February 13, at The Kessler Theater No one does psych rock quite like Austin, Texas. The Bright Light Social Hour is absolutely a testament to their home base's world famous music scene. Their most recent single, "Wendy Davis" was inspired by the gubernatorial candidate's SB5 filibuster at the state capitol. VQ

Young The Giant, Cayucas Friday, February 14, at South Side Music Hall Fueled By Ramen alt rock darlings Young The Giant are probably one big radio hit away from total Mumfordian level market saturation. They'll be joined by surf pop outfit Cayucas this weekend for a sold out show at South Side Music Hall. VQ

Hucci Friday, February 14, at Trees Teenaged UK beat maker Hucci is a producer well beyond his years. He's built a sizable international following since the release of last fall's Rose Gold EP, which brings the ambient sounds of 80s dream synths to the foreground of minimalist trap beats. VQ

Def Rain Friday, February 14, at Macaroni Island Def Rain is the electronic project of prolific songwriter Ashley Cromeens. From metal to hip-hop and now to synth-pop, Cromeens has done it all. The hazy, globular synths of Def Rain's music may sound like soundtrack excerpts from retro-futuristic sci-fi films (think Blade Runner), but they never cease to stir the mind and move the body in equal measure. Johnathan Patrick Dom Kennedy Saturday, February 15, at Trees Hip-hop fans were shocked when West coast rapper Dom Kennedy left us high and dry in the summer of 2013. The smooth-talking Casanova has been a staple of his fans' summer playlists since his debut in 2008 with the seasonally appropriate single "Watermelon Sundae." Nearly every summer since, we've seen a new release from Kennedy. Whether he just wanted to troll us all, or prove to us that he's capable of selling records in the wintertime, Kennedy sat on the release of last year's Get Home Safely until October. Luckily, it was well worth the wait. Though Interscope attempted to sign him before the album's release, Kennedy still remains an independent artist and founder of label Other People's Money. He's in Dallas right on time this year to make all the girls swoon the day after Valentine's Day. VQ

El Ten Eleven Saturday, February 15, at Dada Los Angeles' El Ten Eleven consist of two super nerds: bassist and composer Kristian Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty. Together for more than a decade, the duo produces a hyper-kinetic post-rock that is fun and ingratiating. Surprisingly, Dunn and Fogarty can produce quite a racket live, as their songs pingpong from the stage like little rubber darts without targets. The fact that El Ten Eleven can create instrumental music that is both daring and danceable attests to the band's true talent. El Ten Eleven's high point may well be 2007's Everything Direction is North, but each and every effort features incredibly precise playing and a hypnotic sense of order that is damn near hallucinatory. DS

Neutral Milk Hotel Saturday, February 15, at Majestic Theatre Do you want your Valentine's Day weekend enhanced by images of war torn Nazi Germany through the forlorn beauty of found love letters and extremely poetic jizz references? Then hopefully you bought tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel at the intimate and historic Majestic Theater almost six months ago when they went on sale, and almost immediately sold out. The critically acclaimed 90's indie rock sad guys are currently touring with the same lineup that recorded their most beloved album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. VQ

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Bell Biv Devoe Saturday, February 15, at Verizon Theatre In 1976, Marvin Gaye saw potential in an up and coming Philadelphia-based R&B group called Raw Soul. Gaye took them on tour, and suggested they change their name to Maze- the rest is history. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly went on to become pioneers of the Quiet Storm genre, championing a ten album career. This Saturday, they'll take the stage with 90s New Jack Swing pioneers- Bell Biv Devoe. The vibe will be grown and sexy, so come correct. VQ

Iris Dement Saturday, February 15, at Kessler Theater Iris Dement's career is characterized by restraint. She has released only five albums, and four of original material, over a more than 20 year career, and the songs you'll find on them are spare arrangements. But she doesn't need anything more -- her perceptive delivery and brilliant songwriting would look gaudy with any frills. Kiernan Maletsky

The Virgin Wolves Saturday, February 15, at Three Links The Virgin Wolves are a good old fashioned shot of rock and roll music, with a soulful blues chaser. The Denton-based five piece brings their live show to Deep Ellum this weekend. VQ Blackstone Rangers Saturday, February 15, at The Crown and Harp Blackstone Rangers have been one of Dallas' most buzzed about indie rock bands of the last couple of years, and with good reason. This weekend, they celebrate a new album release at the Lower Greenville strip's crown jewel, The Crown & Harp. VQ

Manowar Sunday, February 16, at the House of Blues Featuring three original members and nearly 35 years of headbanging experience, New York's Manowar are still bombarding fans with an epic metal noise that remains remarkable. Hell, these guys even signed their first record contract in blood. How's that for walking the true metal walk? Featuring outlandish outfits and excellent album covers, Manowar were always one of the most fascinating American heavy metal bands. Incredibly, Manowar's upcoming reworking of the band's classic Kings of Metal album sounds as fresh as the original. Rarely has a band, metal or otherwise, aged as gracefully as Manowar. DS

Parker Millsap Sunday, February 16, at Jefferson Freedom Cafe, Fort Worth Woodie Guthrie would likely be really proud of his home state these days. No, it's not the commercial rejuvenation of downtown Oklahoma City that would enliven him (it would surely sicken him). But the folk and country music coming from promising young artists just north of the Red River in the past two years is as impressive as that of even its larger neighbor to the south. John Fullbright, John Moreland and the Turnpike Troubadours have rightfully collected hosannas and major national attention for simple yet expertly relayed literate tales of the people and the life around them. Without hesitation, one can add Parker Millsap to the list of noteworthy, new-school musical Okies. His self-titled debut just hit shelves last week, and its blend of gospel, roots and country fit with rich vocals that belie his youthful appearance. And, in proper folkie fashion, he's playing a coffee house, where one can quietly sip something warm while intently listening for a fantastically communal experience. Kelly Dearmore

Demi Lovato Monday, February 17, at Verizon Theatre Hometown girl Demi Lovato has executed a pretty successful comeback over the last couple of years since a stint in rehab and subsequent hiatus threatened the squeaky clean Disney fanbase she acquired as a child. She hits Grand Prairie on Monday night. VQ

Snarky Puppy Tuesday, February 18, at Prophet Bar They may live in New York now, but we'll always claim the Denton-bred Snarky Puppy, who were most recently seen winning a Grammy for Best R&B Performance. See what the fancy people in tuxedos were all excited about right here in Deep Ellum. KM

The Eagles Wednesday, February 19, at American Airlines Center One of the world's most rich and famous rock bands will bring their never-ending money machine of a live show to Dallas on Wednesday. The Eagles have been touring since 1971 and show no signs of stopping. VQ

Lord Huron Wednesday, February 19, at Trees Few records of any stripe were as well-received as Lord Huron's 2012 debut Lonesome Dreams. It proved songwriter Ben Schneider an artist of immediate talent and remarkable vision. KM

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