The 20 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, February 13-19

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Dom Kennedy Saturday, February 15, at Trees Hip-hop fans were shocked when West coast rapper Dom Kennedy left us high and dry in the summer of 2013. The smooth-talking Casanova has been a staple of his fans' summer playlists since his debut in 2008 with the seasonally appropriate single "Watermelon Sundae." Nearly every summer since, we've seen a new release from Kennedy. Whether he just wanted to troll us all, or prove to us that he's capable of selling records in the wintertime, Kennedy sat on the release of last year's Get Home Safely until October. Luckily, it was well worth the wait. Though Interscope attempted to sign him before the album's release, Kennedy still remains an independent artist and founder of label Other People's Money. He's in Dallas right on time this year to make all the girls swoon the day after Valentine's Day. VQ

El Ten Eleven Saturday, February 15, at Dada Los Angeles' El Ten Eleven consist of two super nerds: bassist and composer Kristian Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty. Together for more than a decade, the duo produces a hyper-kinetic post-rock that is fun and ingratiating. Surprisingly, Dunn and Fogarty can produce quite a racket live, as their songs pingpong from the stage like little rubber darts without targets. The fact that El Ten Eleven can create instrumental music that is both daring and danceable attests to the band's true talent. El Ten Eleven's high point may well be 2007's Everything Direction is North, but each and every effort features incredibly precise playing and a hypnotic sense of order that is damn near hallucinatory. DS

Neutral Milk Hotel Saturday, February 15, at Majestic Theatre Do you want your Valentine's Day weekend enhanced by images of war torn Nazi Germany through the forlorn beauty of found love letters and extremely poetic jizz references? Then hopefully you bought tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel at the intimate and historic Majestic Theater almost six months ago when they went on sale, and almost immediately sold out. The critically acclaimed 90's indie rock sad guys are currently touring with the same lineup that recorded their most beloved album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. VQ

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Bell Biv Devoe Saturday, February 15, at Verizon Theatre In 1976, Marvin Gaye saw potential in an up and coming Philadelphia-based R&B group called Raw Soul. Gaye took them on tour, and suggested they change their name to Maze- the rest is history. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly went on to become pioneers of the Quiet Storm genre, championing a ten album career. This Saturday, they'll take the stage with 90s New Jack Swing pioneers- Bell Biv Devoe. The vibe will be grown and sexy, so come correct. VQ

Iris Dement Saturday, February 15, at Kessler Theater Iris Dement's career is characterized by restraint. She has released only five albums, and four of original material, over a more than 20 year career, and the songs you'll find on them are spare arrangements. But she doesn't need anything more -- her perceptive delivery and brilliant songwriting would look gaudy with any frills. Kiernan Maletsky

The Virgin Wolves Saturday, February 15, at Three Links The Virgin Wolves are a good old fashioned shot of rock and roll music, with a soulful blues chaser. The Denton-based five piece brings their live show to Deep Ellum this weekend. VQ

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