The 50 Commandments of SXSW

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11. Thou shalt not urinate on the Capitol building. Have you seen Texas prisons?

12. Thou shalt not loudly proclaim Bourbon Street to be better than 6th Street.

13. Thou shalt not not drive to Lockhart, Texas, BBQ capital of the state, and fill your face with delicious beef.

14.Thou shalt not do what I did last year, which was consume too much rum and pretend to be a singer so you can infiltrate a group of musicians jamming, order them to play "BLUES IN E!" and then start singing "Brand New Cadillac" by the Clash.

15. Thou shalt not try and break into that inviting red door in Death Metal Pizza using a credit card -- they shalt not appreciate it.

16. Thou shalt not forget that "corporate synergy" is the key phrase to get out of annoying conversations, but that sometimes this might backfire spectacularly.

17. Thou shalt not forget that your unsigned band doesn't become any more special simply because they're in Austin -- if anything you just diluted their specialness. Good job.

18. Thou shalt not forget to tell everyone how much better SXSW was "back in the day".

19. Thou shalt not fail to try to see Prince. That would be suicide. Can you imagine going to SXSW and not bothering to even try seeing Prince? You won't get in. But at least pretend to try.

20. Thou shalt not try and remember what you did to that cat on Friday night. It's better staying repressed.

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