The 50 Commandments of SXSW

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31. Thou shalt not run at the pool.

32. Thou shalt not ever stop seeking superior access to things.

33. Thou shalt not admit that you don't know who someone is. You should know.

34. Thou shalt not forget to shout, "I love you Jordan Catalano" throughout Jared Leto's speech.

35. Thou shalt not get into a staring contest with Jared Leto. He'll melt your soul right there on the spot.

36. Thou shalt not go to Jared Leto's speech.

37. Thou shalt not be selfish and take more than four feet of personal space in which to sleep. You're not doing this right if you wake up to the stink of fewer than six other festival attendees.

38. Thou shalt not miss Snow Tha Product.

39. Thou shalt not spend even one waking minute away from live music. I know what you're thinking: "What if I need to do a spin class to sweat out some toxins?" No excuses.

40. Thou shalt not sleep 'till Brooklyn.

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