The 7 Types of Bands You'll Find in Denton

Look, you know the drill. Denton has a tragically hip music scene teeming with talent and potential. And we will be the first to admit that seven archetypes will never quite cover all the bases. But we are invariably bound by similarities and shared idiosyncrasies that help us navigate the strange world of music and socialization that is set before us.

Within the zeitgeist of Denton's music scene exist the circles that overlap endlessly with different collaborations and projects. But independently these circles exist as microcosms of camaraderie and like-minded individuals banded together by genre, age and quirks. But this shouldn't be a source of divisiveness. We're all just weirdos trying to make it in this wicked world, and if you've ever weirded out in Denton, chances are you know these bands.

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The Friendly Folksters

Usual Suspects: Old Potion, Clare Morales

You'll find them at Banter or West Oak scribbling in a leather-bound notebook and gazing wistfully out windows. These untethered souls will embrace you in a wrinkled flannel and unkempt facial hair at a moment's notice. Infinitely kind, you may inadvertently get roped into a side project and wake up in some Walden-esque cabin with enough whiskey reserves to sedate Ron Swanson. But if you can avoid that, you'll be utterly entranced by acoustic clarity and mindful lyrics.

The Seasoned Veterans

Usual Suspects: Brave Combo, the band formerly known as Centro-Matic

The tried and true, these bands could endlessly wax poetic about every era of Denton-ness, undoubtedly forming a solid historical recollection of the city and its layers of peculiarity. When your band's career has lasted decades or had several rounds of farewell tours, there's a universal respect generated around you. No jokes here; these guys have stayed vigilant as Denton as ebbed and flowed through trends and phases. Whatever their secret is, it's been well-kept.

The Charmingly Strange

Usual Suspects: New Science Projects, Pearl Earl

Proudly brandishing the flag of the wonderfully weird, these are the acts that you'll likely catch in costume when it isn't anywhere close to halloween. On the surface, it might look like an avant-garde performance art piece turning a few heads. But upon listening you'll find these bands wield an offbeat optimism that's fatally contagious, sweeping you up in a whirlwind of sing-a-long choruses that end up leaving you in a costume shop somewhere.

The Bewilderingly Bizarre

Usual Suspects: Problem Dogg, Bitch Teeth

You're not sure how you wound up here, but you're fairly frightened. Unsettled. A guitarist glowers into your very soul as his axe and voice wail in synchronicity. You hesitate to leave, transfixed by the spectacle. Then in one moment it dawns on you that the disarray possesses an organized chaos. The fear triggered in you is purposeful, has a meaning. You end up buying Rick Eye a beer and dizzily exit J&J's in a haze. You Google "Bone Saws" the next day and have no idea why.

The Heavy Hitters

Usual Suspects: Plunge, Wiccans

Whoa. This is heavy. And no, it isn't the gravity. These lumbering, low-end leviathans use a mixture of atonal riffs and growling vocals to create supermassive shows that would likely upset your mother if she found out you were there. But the second the songs end, these same guys are goofing off and unironically citing Beyoncé as a musical influence. If you need to ask about "wiener rock," these are your guys.

The Good-Hearted Punks

Usual Suspects: She Banshee, The Earth Dies Screaming

Not to be confused with the cruel-hearted punks, which we've yet to meet and doubt exist. These are the people who are hoisting you up by the shoulders when you falter in a mosh pit. Just because you're dismantling the establishment doesn't mean you have to be rude about it. This tight-knit DIY crowd will support each other to the bitter end, and it's rare to find a touring band come through that isn't hugely supported by each of these guys.

The Indie Darlings Usual Suspects: Felt & Fur, No Touching

If you're looking for small-batch, organic Denton bands, you've come to the right place. These bands are sharp as tacks and pushing the limits of what's feasible, either adding effects pedals or spinning more clever lyrics. If you sink enough PBRs into them they'll admit that Blink-182 is their actual favorite band and that they're not entirely sure what a haberdashery is, but it's too late to ask. Tireless jokes aside, these bands continue to innovate and develop their respective genres and remain unpredictable in what they'll think of next.


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