The Best 15 Venues In DFW For Your Up-And-Coming Band? Epic Fail.

Today, over at MadeLoud.com--a site that claims to "serve the bands", but probably not in a sexual way, I'm guessing--someone's decided that, sure, the bands in DFWd could use a little help in trying to figure out where to play around town.

OK. We're fine with that. And the fact that it names 15 venues in total (six in Dallas, seven in Denton and two in Fort Worth). All that's golden.

Till, of course, you look at the lists. No Cavern in Dallas? No Lounge? No Lola's in Fort Worth? No 8.0's, either?

Listen: I'm not gonna nitpick the crap out of this pretty hastily put together list, but I will say this: Hasn't the Galaxy Club been closed? Like, for a while?

If not, I'm the asshole, I guess. --Pete Freedman

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