The Best Albums In Dallas Music, 2008: Dem Southernfolkz's The Message Checks In At No. 10

Editor's Note: Over the next 10 days, I'll be presenting my favorite local records of the year, counting down from No. 10 to No. 1, one album a day. Keep checking back to see how the list pans out, and, in the meantime, click after the jump to see albums No. 20-11 in the Top 20 list that will update as the it grows...

No. 10: Dem Southernfolkz -- The Message

With a sound that blends a strong gospel influence with the stylings of Nappy Roots, Outkast and the production of Kanye West's early, soul sample-heavy beats, Dem Southernfolkz's The Message seemingly came out of nowhere to steal our attention in an otherwise Boogie-heavy 2008 for Dallas hip-hop.

And it had a good message to spread: The trio behind the group--Big Ben, Saturday Alridge and Kinfolk Jack--have plenty to say on The Message about family, about struggling through tough times, and about war (Big Ben just returned to Dallas after serving in Iraq).

Bonus mp3:

Dem Southernfolkz feat. Skinny Deville -- "The Message"

Provocative, but never preachy, The Message is an eye-opening debut from an act well-worth keeping an eye on in the future. --Pete Freedman

The Top 20 Local Releases Of 2008
20. Collin Herring - Past Life Crashing
19. Stumptone - Gravity Suddenly Released
18. Dove Hunter - The Southern Unknown
17. Febrifuge - A Short Instance Of Separation
16. Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - Hot Trottin'
15. Toadies - No Deliverance
14. Record Hop - Record Hop
13. The New Frontiers - Mending
12. Fight Bite - Emerald Eyes
11. Lil Wil - Dolla$, TX
10. Dem Southernfolkz - The Message
9. True Widow - True Widow
8. ??????
7. ??????
6. ??????
5. ??????
4. ??????
3. ??????
2. ??????
1. ??????

...and keep checking back, as this list will update daily.

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