The Best Concerts In Dallas This Weekend, 1/23-1/25

The working week is over. It's time to party and there's a bunch of options to do so this weekend. Grammy Award winning band, Snarky Puppy, is putting on a show of a side projects from the members of the band. Post-rock band This Will Destroy You will hit the Granada Theater with True Widow. Thundercat performs with -topic and Roger Sellers opening at Three Links. A hard rock mini fest Winter Jamboree takes over Trees. The Suffers get all retro at Club Dada. And there's plenty more. Check it out.


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This Will Destroy You With True Widow, 7 p.m., Friday, January 23, at Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Avenue, 214-824-9933 or, $19-$30 Back home to deliver a night as heavy as they are high(ly acclaimed), This Will Destroy You will take the Dallas audience by the brain through their ears once more without singing a word. Well, TWDY is actually from Austin, but whatever; it always feels like a homecoming when they're in town. Anyone that can handle an onslaught of meditative crescendos upon his or her eardrums and retinas (add one or more senses depending on what you're on) should be at this show. This performance follows their fourth album, Another Language, and precedes a West Coast-ish tour. Start times are fuzzy, but the saturation of pot smoke around the building will be the most accurate indicator for when the show is about to kick off. Anita Riot

Thundercat With -topic, Roger Sellers, 8 p.m., Friday, January 23, at Three Links, 2704 Elm Street,, $3 with RSVP Multi-genre bassist/songwriter/vocalist Stephen Bruner, better known by the moniker Thundercat, has cultivated a new type of music versatility in the underground music sector. His 2013 full-length Apocalypse, featuring executive producer Flying Lotus, is a mixed canvas of genre-blending sounds that includes jazz, pop, funk, electronic and rock that challenges the "seen it all, done it all" stasis of contemporary music. Noted for acclaimed collaborative work with Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus, Wiz Khalifa, Earl Sweatshirt and West Coast punk band Suicidal Tendencies, Thundercat knows how to translate complex music into emotionally engaging messages. He will be joined by indomitable Dallas rapper -topic and multi-instrumentalist Roger Sellers as part of the Red Bull Sound Select series, its first installment of 2015. Morganne Cameron

Savage and The Big Beat With Heavy Lifting, Apache Blue, Willow James, The Old Familiar, 7:30 p.m., Friday January 23, at The Prophet Bar, 2548 Elm St., $10-$12 Savage and the Big Beat started with a musical tribute strung together by Max Brown and Ryan Cortez. The tribute? What was that about? Oh nothing other than the Michael Crichton novel and Steven Spielburg film, Jurassic Park After that fizzled out, Max and Ryan started up an indie rock band with Kyle Irion and since Savage and the Big Beat has been a staple in Denton for ever since. Though they added in a new Big Beat, Rolf Nelson, last year, the band is as great and important to the city's scene as its ever been. H. Drew Blackburn

The Snarky Puppy Side Projects With Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles, Ghost-Note, Mark Lettieri Trio, 8 p.m., Saturday January 24, at The Prophet Bar, 2548 Elm St., $12-$15 Snarky Puppy gets to add the adjective "Grammy Award Winning" in front of their name now. Last year, they won "Best R&B Performance" at the award show (even though they lean more towards jazz than R&B)." This year, they'll release their first major label record through Universal Music Group's jazz subsidiary, Impulse! Records. However, this event here is a little bit of a break and showcases the members' solo stuff. Check out the crew's side projects. Ahem, sorry, Grammy Award winning group. HDB

The Dangits With Pink Smoke, Not Half Bad, 9 p.m., Saturday January 24, at Rubber Gloves, 411 East Sycamore Street, Denton, 940-387-7781, $5-$7 This punk band formed at a Fuzzy's Taco shop over fish tacos and beers in Ft. Worth. A few of the members, Mike Noyes and Branden Smith, had been apart of the Dallas music scene for some time. The band's first audaciously titled release, Greatest Hits Vol. I came out in 2010 which led to a Best New Artist award from the Fort Worth Weekly in 2010. HDB

Somebody's Darling With The Roomsounds and Natural Anthem 7 p.m. Saturday, January 24, at The Kessler Theater, 1230 W. Davis St.,, $16-$32 How could Dallas be Dallas without some top-notch Americana? It's inconceivable, really. Somebody's Darling falls along those lines with their rootsy blues sound. Adult Roommates, the band's latest album, was produced with the help of Matt Pence (drummer for Centro-Matic) and Beau Bedford (formerly of Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights and producer for Larry g(EE)). The culmination is an expert use of lead singer Amber Farris' strong voice and a masterful take on old-time Southern rock 'n' roll. HDB

Mason Jennings With Dana Falconberry, 7 p.m. Sunday, January 25, at The Kessler Theater, 1230 W. Davis St.,, $20-$30 Everybody has to grow up sometime, even though it sucks. Minnesota singer-songwriter Mason Jennings' 2011 album, Minnesota, is all about the process of growing up and how love can or cannot survive it. Jennings' music tackles the big stuff like that. His sharp acoustic folk's been around since 1997 and it doesn't look like Jennings is gonna lose steam anytime soon. Check him and Dana Falconberry out at The Kessler to contemplate the meaning of it all. HDB

Winter Jamboree With Seeker, Artifex Piero, In Search of Sight, A Tragedy at Hand, Design of Destiny, Silent Planet, 1 p.m. Saturday, January 25, at Trees, 2709 Elm St., 214-741-1122 or, $15-$20 Jamborees are large celebratory parties that are boisterous in nature. Think of the all-white Puff Daddy party or one of the one billion pathetic attempts Gatsby made at getting his one true love, Daisy, back in his arms. They're also gatherings for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts -- or really, just a big ass party. Trees has a Winter Jamboree on the docket with loud, gnarly music to warm you up from the frigid January weather. Dallas-based heavy metal band Seeker is set to headline along with Louisville, Kentucky post-hardcore band Artifex Piero and Los Angeles metalheads Silent Planet on the bill as well. Local metal is ultimately the cause for celebration in this case, though: In Search of Sight from Arlington, A Tragedy at Hand out of Irving and Dallas's own Design of Destiny are all in the building. It's basically Trees' version of the Dallas Headbangers Ball going on here. HDB

The Suffers 
With the Tontons and Fat Tony, 8 p.m. Sunday, January 25 at Club Dada, 2720 Elm St.,, $10-$13 Y'all best watch out, Dallas. H-Town just sent three of their best bands into town to let you know what's going down on the Third Coast. There's Fat Tony, one of the most exciting names in indie hip-hop who's toured extensively for the past few years and has appeared on pretty much every festival bill in the U.S. There's the indie darlings the Tontons, who have been name-checked in Grantland articles, played Fun Fun Fun Fest and are one single away from taking over the airwaves. And finally there's the night's headliners, the 10-piece neo-soul outfit the Suffers who are dropping a brand-new EP at this show which you're definitely going to want to own. The sky's the limit for these guys; just wait till NPR catches on to them. JPF

Bludded Head With Terminator 2, 9 p.m., Sunday January 25, at Rubber Gloves, 411 East Sycamore Street, Denton, 940-387-7781, $1-$3 Nevada Hill is the brainchild of the group, and there's a revolving door of supporting musicians that come along. Bludded Head uses the heavy, that bowel shaking guitars and drumming to facilitate an impending cloud of doom and dread. Their latest offering, the Reign In Bludd EP, was released last year and is one of the group's crowning musical achievements. Also on the bill is Terminator 2, a sludge metal band out of Denton. HDB


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H. Drew Blackburn