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The Best Concerts In Dallas This Weekend, 1/30-2/1

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Shinyribs With The O's, 6 p.m. Saturday, January 31, at Kessler Theater, 1230 W. Davis St., 214-272-8346 or, $20 It's a funny story how Shinyribs started. Kevin Russell bought his family a new car in 2007 and took up playing at Under the Volcano in Houston once a month. He drove all the way from Austin to do it. This has since developed into a full-fledged band. Russell was a member of the currently on hiatus country act the Gourds beforehand. Presumably this is because Shinyribs are going pretty strong in all of their country-soul-electric-blues glory. It's wise to pop by and catch their spirited original songs or reinterpretations of pop classic's that transform into a whole 'nother animal. HDB

RAGONK-A-THON With Son of Stan, Sealion, the Outfit, TX, Bummer Vacation, -topic, Bobby Sessions, the Azalea Project and surprises guests, 7 p.m. Saturday, January 31, at Trees, 2709 Elm St., 214-741-1122 or, $10 Poor T.C. Flemming. He made one verbal miscue while talking about Renaldo McClain and "Ragonk" was born. And since that faithful moment fans of the Ticket have run with it, and run with it, and run with it ever since. There's Ragonk songs, #RAGONK is all over Twitter, there's merch, an interactive web site, a radio 15 for 15 segment, RAGONK signs are making it on TV and now we have the RAGONK-A-THON, a five-act concert that's invading Trees this weekend. It's as if we collectively deiced the right thing for our bottoms was to have a Ragonking good time at the expense of poor Flemming's pride. So, if you're a P1 to be one you'll make sure to be at Trees to cheer along as some of the best local acts flat the five and play special sets complete with Ragonk songs and TC's heart break. There'll even be "special guests." Sounds downright ragonkulous to us. Jaime-Paul Falcon

Cannibal Corpse With Behemoth, Aeon, Tribulation 7 p.m. Saturday, January 31, at House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar, 214-978-2583 or, $$28-$33 Cannibal Corpse hails from the frigid land of Buffalo, New York. Since 1988, they've risen in the ranks among heavy metal acts across the globe. That's thirteen studio albums worth of work they put in. They've also crafted on of the most disturbing songs ever in "I Cum Blood," which is premise that can make anybody vomit, vomit and an affliction that we recommend you go see the doctor if it is plaguing you. HDB

Raquel Nguyen w Blu Pearl, 10 p.m. Sunday, February 1, at Sundown at Granada Theater, 3520 Greenville Ave., 214-823-8305 or, Free Raquel Nguyen and Blu Pearl have a residency going on at the Sundown at Granada Theater. You'll catch them every Sunday at on Lower Greenville for the next couple of weeks. What you'll run into here are some heartfelt, soulful blues. It's the type of music where you feel like the guitar is speaking to you, bemoaning and sharing its pain. And as per usual, being a show at the Sundown means it's free, which is always a very welcome occurrence. HDB


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