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The Best Dallas Music Twitter Accounts

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Best Twitter Rants


Guys, P.A.T. is pretty fed up with the Dallas rap scene. Actually he's pretty fed up with everything. His rants on everything from Dallas rap to sports to police brutality strike just the right mix of bombast and pure finesse. It's like having Kanye West on your timeline all over again. Granted, P.A.T. hasn't made some of the greatest albums of the 21st century, but he does actually read books.

Best All Caps Musings


New York Magazine was real 'cause it recognized real. Vanessa Quilantan tweets about life love, feminism and a number of other happenings with resolute thunder. It's in all caps, which at first (and perhaps second and third) glance can be annoying. But you get used to it and it's no different than a font. (It would be a problem if it were all in Comic Sans. Then again...) No, what matters is the actual words.

Best Tweets About The Weather

Pete Freedman

Pete Freedman's Twitter is pretty standard for the most part. He'll share links to articles from Central Track and make a short comment on a current event every now and again. But, where Pete shines (ready for this pun?) is when the sun is out. (How'd I do? Pete would be proud, anyway.) The weather isn't mundane ;it's always on all of our minds in Texas because it's absolutely a crock of shit 94.563 percent of the time. When the weather is nice, look out for a stream of whimsical comments from Freedman about how great the weather is.

Best Tweets About Cuisine


Most of us are really into food, except for you vegan or vegetarian bohemians, who love your body or heath or animals or whatever it is more than you actually love yourself. (Sorry, I'm just really confused about everything, to be honest.) BeMyFiasco loves herself, because see, she loves food and the good shit at that. This is pure science. For the best tweets about good cuisine, (especially about ribs) from a local musician, look no further than right here.

Best Trouble Starter

Christopher Mosley

Mr. Christopher Mosley has over 5,000 ways to tell us that we are all nothing more than dilettantes. It's actually quite endearing to have a place where you always count on feeling someone's eyes roll in 140 characters or less. And he keeps us honest; after all, good criticism doesn't grow on dollar trees. Think: if Larry David had a Twitter account and perused the "dallas" + "noise rock" categories on Bandcamp for five straight hours once.

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