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The Best Gay Bars in Dallas

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Dallas Eagle

It's fairly dark in this place, which is lit red. Now 20 years old, this leather bar has an enormous leather eagle hanging from the ceiling, holding handcuffs, chains and a banner that reads "Levi Leather." But everyone is welcome here and sometimes they have drag shows onstage. There are often DJs playing house or '80s music to keep the dance floor moving. Wednesdays are Underwear Nights and Thursdays are for Bears, with DJ Trojan spinning. There is nothing pretentious about the place, the staff is friendly and the drinks are cheap. You can play pool at Dallas Eagle, and there's a large dance floor and a nice patio. Jeremy Hallock

5740 Maple

The Grapevine

This hole-in-the-wall is a favorite of people of all sexual orientations, but it's still visibly a gay bar. No watering hole is more broken-in comfortable than The Grapevine, which is why it's one of Dallas' best dive bars. The crowd is an impossibly interesting mix of artsy types, 20-somethings and your garden-variety alcoholics. This is the kind of place where people-watching just won't cut it; even the most introverted among us won't be able to avoid striking up a conversation. The drinks are mixed strong and the jukebox has an impressive selection of tunes that can serve as the perfect soundtrack to your binge drinking. Amy McCarthy

3902 Maple

Hidden Door

75-cent beers on Sunday! I repeat, they have 75-cent beers on Sunday! Along with killer Bloody Marys and, one more time, 75-cent beers! Sorry, I got a little excited; I really, really, really, really like cheap beer. There's also a fantastic jukebox and the bartenders make a mean drink, but really it's all about the 75-cent beer. You know that scene in Varsity Blues where the guys have been partying all night, and then stumble wearily into the sun? Yeah, that's what it's like after a Sunday at Hidden Door. Oh and fair warning: It's cash only. Jaime-Paul Falcon

5025 Bowser

J.R.'s Bar and Grill

I have literally never seen anyone eat a meal at J.R.'s Bar and Grill, no matter the circumstances. There are huge bars staffed by guys who are impressively good at mixing six vodka cranberries in less than two minutes. At its peak times, you'll have to wait a bit for a drink, but the crowd's so entertaining you won't mind. The upstairs patio is the best place in the world to hear good drunken gossip; you'll find yourself wanting to go out for a cigarette even if you don't smoke. Amy McCarthy

3923 Cedar Springs

Mable Peabody's

Mable Peabody's Beauty Parlor & Chainsaw Repair, besides having the best bar name in Texas, is also the perfect spot for a drunken, crossdressing good time. Mable's has upped its game lately by booking more bands to play, and costumes aren't just suggested, they're almost expected. Regulars are a rowdy bunch of kind-hearted eclectics supplemented by an unfailingly kind bar staff. Friday's notorious Karaoke Night brings out Denton's most enchanting characters; so much so that there was even a song written about one. Mable's ragtag crew is fully equipped to captivate guys, gals and everyone in between. Matt Wood

1215 E. University Drive,

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