The Best New Dallas Music in April

Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas based musicians with some extra ammo to spare.

Having a local music scene like Dallas' is great. Any night of the week, there's quality music being played in local clubs by local artists. The only problem is there's always more to be heard, more good music videos and tracks that deserve to be showcased but fall through the cracks. So we're introducing a new monthly column called Six Shooter round up some of the best new music from Dallas and the greater North Texas area. The reference is to six shooter guns which are kind of cool if we're honest, although we're not going to promote firearms or anything like that per se.

Sarah Jaffe Ft. Sam Lao and Zhora -- "Vision"

It looks as though Sarah Jaffe has officially shed her cocoon as one of North Texas' favorite indie singer-songwriters and blossomed into something different altogether. The days of Dan's Silverleaf acoustic strumming are long gone and Jaffe is taking the electro rock thing head on. "Vision" is a fine song, replete with guest spots from two other talented Dallas-based musicians in Sam Lao and Zhora, but this video directed by Jeremy Biggers takes all of the 1980s references and does something completely fun with them in the form of a roving and bright tableau. I see the vision.

The Outfit, TX -- "Wild Turkey"

A wise man once told me that the Outfit, TX's sound is a contemporary version of Outkast's "

Gangsta Shit

," which if you ask me is high praise indeed. "Wild Turkey" keeps the unrelentingly Southern rap sound found in the aforementioned song, but pares it down into a menacing DIY sound that's both dark and festive.

Lord Byron -- "Bellyintro"

Lord Byron tends to get a bit overlooked, which makes at least a little sense given that he's more or less a hermetic guy. You'd be hard pressed to find him on a bill. You're most likely not going to find him promoting his music at the annoying pace most rappers do, and he'd rather spend time telling you how nice he is on the mic. He really is nice too, which is proven yet again on "Bellyintro." Dallas' Ray Kinsella raps cooly on a beat showcasing some corrosive guitars and channels an old Jay Z gem, "


," and the classic hip-hop flavored movie,



Sudie -- Sudie EP

Sudie is one hell of a singer. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that she studied vocal performance, classical music and opera at Southern Methodist University. But pop music is no fun and neither are the southern WASPs, so here she is putting her own spin on jazz and electro pop. The only thing missing here is the fawn-like beauty of her stripped-down live performances, but otherwise the EP acts as a sampling of the different lanes Sudie can sprint through as a singer songwriter.

Pearl Earl -- "Sunluck" Pearl Earl only have a few songs out on the Internet, which is understandable as they formed in the summer of last year. Two songs, "Karaoke Superstar" and "If," have already been released, having appeared on Bandcamp in December. The latest and third offering, "Sunluck," gives a pretty clear indication that the Dentonites have plans to be a fuzzy psychedelic garage band focusing on loose groove intensive riffs. The feel is so retro that if you close your eyes listening to this one and you might find yourself in the early '70s, toes in the sand, smoking some grass.

Leon Bridges -- "River"

We once pondered if Leon Bridges is "the truth." I'll say that I think he most certainly is. Bridges no longer has two songs out to showcase his talent. He's still only got a few, but the sampling has been nothing but stellar and his live performances have made a splash across the country by drooling write-ups in





Rolling Stone

. No, he's not exactly the greatest singer, but then again he need not be Whitney Houston either. He's got a knack for putting emotion into his voice and that is


by all accounts. We'll be (im)patiently waiting for his debut full-length in June.

Extra Ammo:

Send music for to be considered for the next Six Shooter to drew.blackburn@dallasobserver.com


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