The Best New Music in Dallas: End of Summer Edition

Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas based musicians with some extra ammo to spare.

The biggest Dallas-related release of August was undoubtedly Dr. Dre’s grand finale, Compton. Debuting at No. 2 on Billboard and selling over 295,000 units in its first week, the surprise album was a huge success. Garland’s Justin Morhle, now known as Justus, played a key role in the writing of the album and is featured on three tracks, including a track titled “Deep Water” that also features Kendrick Lamar. As much as we’d love to embed the album here for you, it’s an Apple Music exclusive. Besides, a ton of other artists in North Texas have brought the heat recently, so as summer draws to a close, it's time to showcase the best.

Mick & Leon Bridges

Dr. Dre and Justus may have owned August, but 2015 still belongs to Fort Worth’s Leon Bridges. At a time when maybe — just maybe — some of the hype, adoration or acclaim has started to subside, Bridges reclaimed the limelight by releasing a surprise mixtape with Brooklyn DJ Mick. Mick remixed Bridges’ Coming Home with Houston classics, giving the album a chopped-and-screwed feel that DJ Screw himself might admire.

G.U.N - “Undi Lay”

Also refusing to lose any momentum, Deep Ellum Music Group’s G.U.N released a strong follow-up to “Johnny Cage,” a high-energy anthem that caught the ear of a number of music blogs. “Undi Lay” is a smoother, more toned-down track than we’re used to from G.U.N (which happens to stand for Geeked Up Ni**a), but it works for him and it's nice to hear something different from the young artist.

The Outfit, TX - “All Bills Paid ft. Devy Stones”

The Outfit, TX have taken on an interesting role as the ambassadors of the Dallas hip-hop scene. In June, Mel Kyle, the group’s smooth-talking leader, penned a primer for Vice’s Noisey music blog to introduce the uninitiated to Dallas’ thriving hip-hop scene. Last month the group released an EP titled Deep Ellum, once again posting up for the city, and the eight-track release is peppered with numerous features from fellow Triple D acts. The highlight of the EP might just be “All Bills Paid,” which received visuals in August.

$kaduf - “Grove$ideRida Interlude”

This new track from Pleasant Grove storyteller $kaduf starts off with audio akin to a fight video hosted on WorldStarHipHop.com. Between the cheerings-on and a woman repeatedly warning people not to jump into the fight, a man proudly announces this is how things go in Pleasant Grove. $kaduf’s grabbed some local acclaim for his sincere and scene-setting lyrics, and this short interlude is a great example.

Buffalo Black - “Anomalies ft. Lord Byron”

This is an exciting pairing to see on record. Buffalo Black and Lord Byron are two of Dallas’ most progressive and boundary-pushing emcees. "Anomalies" is whole-heartedly a Buffalo Black track, though. It features the consistent pulsing and atmospheric sound Black’s built his reputation on and the hook is enticing enough to keep casual listeners around even if the impactful lyrics don’t completely sink in. Still, Byron’s contribution is impossible to ignore, as it usually goes for the wordsmith.

Dome Dwellers - Ivory Tower EP

This Denton-based experimental math-rock trio just churned out this four-track EP last week and it’s definitely worth a listen. It’s not unusual for bands of this style to rely on funky time measures and creative riffs to carry the tracks, but vocalist Michael J. Slack is often the standout on these. Among the songs he pleasantly carries is opening track “Ivory Tower.”

Extra Ammo

Young OG - “City That Made Me”

Dorrough “Go Season”

Vandoliers - “Runaway Sons”

Larry g(EE) - “Got To Have It”

The Dividends - “Summer Glo ft. Sam Lao”

Dirty South Ridaz - “Count This Cake”

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