The Best New Music in Dallas, November 2015: Erykah Badu, Bobby Sessions & More

Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians, with some extra ammo to spare.

There's definitely no shortage of new music being released every month by North Texas artists. As was the case the month before, in November we were treated to new music from established favorites such as Erykah Badu, Leon Bridges, Lord Byron and the Outfit, TX, as well as newcomers to the scene Jay Luse, Mo3, Lou Charles and Dizzie the Wizard. We saw a healthy dose of new hip-hop as well as a bit of Americana, indie folk, soul and experimental electronic. For all you fact checkers, two albums on this list were released on the final two days of October, but we couldn't bear to overlook them.

Erykah Badu - But You Caint Use My Phone

Our Queen of Neo Soul has kept the Internet going nuts for several months now and for so many reasons. Let’s see, there was Live Nudity, the one-human show, the “Hotline Bling” rework, hosting the Soul Train Awards and, lastly, the actual release of her mixtape with Zach Witness, But You Caint Use My Phone. The tape’s standout track and, yes, it had the Internet buzzing, is “Hello” featuring André 3000. It’s a wonderful, beautiful track that brings out the best of both artists. The mixtape is currently available on iTunes.

Leon Bridges - “So Long”

With the release of “So Long,” Leon Bridges had to check off the last box on his 2015 to-do list, right? There’s really not much else the Fort Worth singer has left to do in the first year of his meteoric music career since joining the majors. Earning the closing credits to the Will Smith film Concussion has to be it. Oh wait, this just in: Leon Bridges will be the special musical guest on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

Bobby Sessions - LOA

Bobby Sessions’ LOA was a long time coming. The Dallas artist took several years to work on himself as a man and to develop the principles he lives by in the Law of Attraction. After deciding to go all-in on his rap career, abandoning his stressful and dull 9-to-5, Sessions attracted a strong network of folks to complete the project. LOA is one of the strongest, most complete albums to be released locally this year and features a number of standout tracks including “Black Neighborhood,” “Black America” and “Helicopter.”

The Outfit, TX - Down By The Trinity 

The ambassadors of Dallas hip-hop, the Outfit, TX, released their first ensemble LP in three years this month. Whereas 2012’s Starships and Rockets felt like a celebration of Houston’s signature sound by three proud Dallas artists, Down by the Trinity is a sound wholly unique to the trio of Mel, JayHawk and Dorian. It’s darker, more brooding and much less a celebration of the South than it is a critique of the current goings-on.

Jay Luse - Soulful Attraction

Jay Luse’s Soulful Attraction is a smooth, charming throwback featuring some really rich writing that will satiate any hip-hop purist. “What You Like” is a must-listen and we clearly stand by that since it's the second month in a row we’ve mentioned the track in this column. Featuring Coach Tev and B. Anderson, the flowing track has a cypher-like, pass-the-mic feel that’s really endearing.

Mo3 - Shottaz Reloaded

Mo3 is a North Dallas rapper whose mixtape Shottaz Reloaded is generating serious buzz on his side of the city. According to the rapper and SayCheese’s Shawn Cotton, Mo3 generated just shy of $10,000 from mixtape sales in the three days after its release. We’ll do the fact checking another day, but in the meantime, Mo3’s mixtape is an emphatic, high-energy release that shows off the artist’s versatility as a hard-edged, quick-spitting rapper on “OSAMA3LADIN” as well as a sincere hustler on “All the Way Down.”

Extra Ammo:

Lord Byron - “Nerveux (Black Keys No. 7)”

Lou Charles - In Transit

Daniel Markham and Claire Morales - Harmony In Hell

Brave Young Lion - Bleeding Knees EP

Denim Wonder - Carnation

Dizzie The Wizard - “Mr. Gold”

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