The Best of Coachella: Weekend Two

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Timothy Norris
Dog Blood
Dog Blood Skrillex and Boys Noize are Dog Blood, a duo that's arguably greater than the sum of its parts. They brought down the Sahara Tent on Friday night with a relentlessly aggressive set during which Boys Noize's Alex Ridha manned the drops and Skrillex nob turned while smoking cigarettes and intermittently screaming out how "fuckin' rad" the audience in the Sahara was. Hero status, those guys. -Katie Bain

Marco Torres
The Bros Let's be done with the bro hating. Most of the dude guys we encountered were enthusiastic sweethearts who just wanted to party with their shirts off and pecs out. No harm no foul. -Katie Bain

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Holding the Balloon Chain Supporting 100 balloons at once is an exhilarating feeling! The wind sways and you get a small adrenaline rush at the thought of accidentally letting go of the chain. -Taylor Hamby

Puberty FTW There was a 15-year-old boy (with braces!) jumping up and down to Major Lazer with a mile wide smile on his face. His eyes were wide enough to suggest that he'd never seen anything quite like the island raunch dance party bleeding out of the Mojave tent. (Turns out it was his first concert). Major life memories created. High fives all around. -Katie Bain

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