The Best Story You Will Hear All Day Involving T-Pain And An Area Strip Club.

A week ago today, for whatever reason,


was in Dallas and, better yet, at XTC Cabaret for a little fun (one assumes). The details of what happened next, however, are a little fishy.

Doesn't really sound like fun, though.

According to T-Pain's tweets he was asked to leave the DJ booth, which he had somehow entered, and didn't appreciate it. His tweet about it?

So I was just at Xtc And just got thrown outthe Dj booth what is the world comin to when we get thrown out the Dj booth. SO XTC, FUCK YA HO

Later, the man who rose to fame with the song "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)" (see above) was even more upset about what happened. And he again took to Twitter to air his grievances--and, this time, he decided to take down Mexicans with him, apparently? True enough.

So fuck Xtc I'm Neva goin there again cuz they don't treat you right unless you Mexican no matter how much money

The next morning, KBFB-97.9 FM The Beat posted an item on its site, essentially saying that that T-Pain got kicked out of the club for abusing VIP privileges without paying for them and that, as a result, he got punched in the face "a Mexican guy." Which, if nothing else explains T-Pain's second tweet.

Tough to say what really happened, but, at that point, a big enough deal had been made of it all where T-Pain felt the need to release another statement. Here it is:

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"Aight so here's what happened. I went in the Dj booth of club Xtc, just chillin tryin to get away from the crowd cuz ppl started askin for pix and shit in the strip club (no thanx). While I was in there the Dj asked me to shout out some of the hoods in Dallas (cool). As I was doin it he was cuttin the music on and off (normal). The manager of the club came in the booth and said "the girls can't dance with you cuttin the music on and off" (just a side note, the manager was a female). Then she said "you got to get out" then I said "get out the booth or the club"? She said "the booth" by that time I was pissed off anyways so I told all my ppl "let's go" then we hopped in the tour bus aaaannnndddd (wait for it) left. Thank yo"

The Beat also got a quote from a dancer at the club:

"tpain didnt get beat up but he did get clowned pretty hard. he got on the mic and started sayin all kinds of crazy stuff and the girls on stage were gettin all mad cuz he wouldnt shut up so the manager went in there and yelled at his ass and told him to get out and quit messin up tha show. he got all booty hurt and ran out lol how embarrasing."

Anyway, we wanted to get to the bottom of it all ourselves, so, after the jump, an exclusive interview we just conducted with T-Pain himself about the situation.

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.


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