The Big Pink Tells NME It Digs Darktown Strutters And Their "Really Weird" Ways...

Quite the coup this week for the Oak Cliff-based Kara Howell and Wes Darrin--better known 'round these parts as Darktown Strutters--who found themselves namedropped by The Big Pink's Milo Cordell in a blog post written for influential UK music magazine NME.

Seems Darktown made quite the impression on Cordell when the band opened for The Big Pink at the Granada Theater back in April. In Cordell's NME piece, in which he details his band's trip to the States and recalls some of his favorite musical finds, Cordell calls Darktown Strutters out specifically:

"Then there's Dallas' Darktown Strutters, who are really weird. They've got this track called 'Lucifer Rising.' It's kind of like if Gang Gang Dance got even stranger..."

He then goes on to list "Lucifer Rising" as the No. 2 song on his top five new song discoveries. We've been beating Darktown's drum for some time now, so, hey, can't say we're too surprised.

This might surprise some people, though: Rumor has it that the band's much-anticipated debut has finally been pressed to vinyl. We've got calls into Howell to confirm as much and will keep you posted when we hear anything further on the matter. In the meantime, catch the band live next on Wednesday, June 2, at Tradewinds Social Club, the reinvigorated Oak Cliff hangout the duo's been instrumental in helping turn around.

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