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The Biggest Dallas Concert Shitshows of 2014

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Puddle of Mudd at Trees

There should be a sliding scale for washed up nu metal band meltdowns. Let's call it "Six Degrees of Scott Stapp:" Have you fought your own audience members? Have you thrown up on them? Have you faked being homeless in order to ask those same fans to crowdfund your shitty new solo album? Well, former Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin ticked off a lot of these boxes, all in the course of one show at Trees in April. He was not only visibly drunk but also lip synching. When fans called him Milli Vanilli, Scantlin responded with professional aplumb: By throwing his mic and a bunch of water bottles into the crowd (allegedly injuring one poor person), taking off his shirt, and exclaiming, "It ain't my fault I'm the hottest motherfucker in the goddamn building."

Hank Williams Jr. at Choctaw Casino

Race relations in this country are fucked. There's really no way around it, as has sadly been reinforced repeatedly in recent months. But if you're Hank Williams Jr. it's apparently all the more reason to be a churlish, asinine bigot, even if that's exactly what got him fired from Monday Night Football. (Don't let the bastards get you down, Hank!) He didn't actually play Dallas, but in May he was just over the border at Choctaw Casino, and we could hear the racism all the way from here. He mimed hideous caricatures of African American people, did Native American war cries and got in plenty of good old fashioned Confederate flag waving between all his chaw spitting. But he didn't stop with the racism either; he threw in a "Cocksuckers!" exclamation for good measure, just to let us know he's a homophobe too.

Perfect Pussy at Three Links

Having a Perfect Pussy concert top out at 20 minutes is really nothing new, nor is there anything unexpected about controversy following the band around. But their stop at Three Links in June managed to spice things up all the same. This time the issue had to do with the show flyers, which depicted topless women in bondage. Singer Meredith Graves stopped the show to protest the flyers, giving an impassioned (and justified) speech. But the crowd was more than a little confused: The flyers had been removed before the show, and with it any context for her displeasure, thus leaving fans confused and not quite sure whether they'd been ripped off. Bonus points here for the fact that Graves really (really) didn't like our review.

David Alan Coe at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill

Sometimes the most embarrassing shows are the ones that never happen. Case in point: David Allan Coe's visit at the beginning of July. That night, the show got all the way through the opening acts before Coe realized he didn't actually want to play that night. Silly David! And hey, he had good reason to feel that way: The concert, believe it or not, was outside. In the wide open air and everything. Once Coe had had his belated epiphany, he tried to shake down Gas Monkey for extra money, before packing up and leaving in a huff, without any acknowledgement or apology to his fans. That's what you call an outlaw.

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