The Black Lips

Icons for drunken, adolescent debauchery, the Black Lips travel with a hard-earned reputation for dangerous, lewd and unfathomably wild behavior. Piss, puke and nudity may have helped the Atlanta foursome score a few headlines, but it's their howling, punked-up garage sound that packs gigs and sells records. Whereas the band's last release, Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo, made perfect sense as a live album (where else but Tijuana could American degenerates capture such lunacy?), the new Good Bad Not Evil offers a greasy batch of fresh material. With song titles such as "O Katrina" and "How Do You Tell a Child," you might wonder if the band's teenage spirit is showing signs of maturity. Think again. As usual, sloppy enthusiasm prevails. This is one party where you'll want to park your keister right next to the drunkest goon in the house.

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Christopher Matthew Jensen

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