The Bright Gets On The Hills Again. But It's Still Awesome Because, C'mon, It's The Hills!

O! M! F! G! Guys!

Because three times isn't enough, really, the local musicians in The Bright got served another helping of being placed into an episode of The Hills last week, or so says a press release we here at DC9 received late yesterday evening.

Turns out, the band's song "Almost Maybe" was featured in the premiere episode of this year's season, which aired last week. Oh, and it's the same song the show selected from the band to air during last season's finale. But not the same song as the one that the band had aired during episode 18 of last season ("I've Got A Feeling") and, definitely not the same song as the one that aired during the 16th episode of last season ("Cemetery Street"), which we totally told you about, because, uh, c'mon, you guys, it's The Hills!

Anyway, pretty awesome, stuff, guys! As awesome as Lauren and Heidi crying it out on the boat that was rented for Lauren's surprise birthday party? Almost!

(Yep, still hate my life.)

Press release--which includes the time and date of the next time the band is performing around town--after the jump.

For Immediate Release

Dallas/Fort Worth Indie Pop/Rock Band The Bright Continues To Be A Hit On 'The Hills'

The Bright Receives 4th Song Placement In MTV Reality Show and Other Media

Arlington, TX - April 13, 2009 - The indie pop/rock band The Bright has received its 4th song placement in the popular MTV reality show "The Hills". Dating back to season 4, the band has received placement for the songs "Cemetery Street" (episode 16), "I've Got A Feeling" (episode 18) and "Almost Maybe" (the season finale ep. 20) which is now available on DVD and all of the songs are from their latest self released effort "In Lucid Dreams".  More recently, the ballad "Almost Maybe" was again featured but this time as the closing song of the season premiere of season 5 airing on April 6th, 2009 (18:22 into the show viewable at: http://www.mtv.com/videos/the-hills-season-5-ep-1-dont-cry-on-your-birthday/1608283/playlist.jhtml)  "It's an exciting time for us and our hard work is beginning to pay off," states lead vocalist Julie Lange.  "The most important thing for us is that our music be heard and that's an extremely difficult thing to do in the current state of the music industry, especially for a band doing everything without any financial or label support.  We are honored that MTV likes our songs enough to have them play a key emotional part of the show.  Placement in lots of forms of alternative media is huge and if that's our springboard for bigger things, I'll certainly seize the opportunity."

The Bright is slated for more song placement in other formats including the theme song for a video game entitled "Severity" (produced by Dallas-based Escalation Studios) which is scheduled for release as an application for the iPhone due out in late 2009. They are also currently working with a Hollywood production team to provide the theme song for a feature film set for production in 2010 and the song "Don't Pull Me Down" was featured in the Dallas produced film "Karma Police" (directed by John Venable) released on DVD in February 2009.

The Bright performs at the Dallas International Guitar Show at Dallas Market Hall on April 17th at 1:00pm

THE BRIGHT IS:  Julie Lange (vocals), Kell Curtis (guitar), Miguel Fair (bass), Taylor Tatsch (guitar) Robert Yahne (drums) & Eric Jenkins (producer/ keyboards)

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