The Cavern Takes a Detour From All-Rock Lineups

Two weeks ago, The Cavern began hosting a new weekly Wednesday night series that showcases visual artists and DJs alongside live music performers.

Called Detour, tonight's take on the event features Black Tie Dynasty performing an acoustic set, local photographer Sally Glass showcasing her works on the venue's walls and DJ Schwa spinning records during the dead sound spots. (Glass will also put her musician hat on and return two weeks from now to perform as Fancy Fist on Detour's July 9 date.)

Oh, and by the way: The series is free to attend.

After the jump is a full lineup for the series, provided by the man behind the Cavern’s soundboard and the series, John Mudd. --Jesse Hughey

June 25: Black Tie Dynasty (acoustic set), artist Sally Glass, DJ Schwa July 2: The Top Fives, artist Joe Radnik (of Elm Street Tattoo), DJ Super Pompi July 9: Fancy Fist, artist Jessie Mayeux, DJs Ronin and Baby Ruthless July 16: True Widow, artist Dinah Capshaw, DJ Cosmic Cocks July 23: PVC Street Gang, artist Ergo, DJ Baby Magic July 30: The Laughing Stock, artist Vanessa Bruce, DJ Halotosis

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