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The Complete Guide to Dallas Pools: Public(ish)

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Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.)

Neighborhood: East Dallas. Like so many beautiful trees, East Dallas.

What to wear: This is an anything-goes kind of pool, but vintage one-pieces are generally on fine display. Something to show off any ink worth bragging about, short shorts, long shorts. The lady that comes to you with the Jello-O shots wears jeans even in August. Whatever you want, but no cut-offs.

What to drink: Jell-O shots and always with friends, new or old. A surprisingly impressive top-shelf margarita and a cold Lone Star. A perfect pool if you are feeling generous. Every time I have closed a tab at the F.O.E. it is somehow $10 less then I think it should be.

Who you will meet: Attractive single parents, Dallas liberals who still own guns, hipsters who always say they are going to "join" the F.O.E. and never do. Suggested pool toys and accessories: Oh! All of the above, bring your floaties, your tubes, your beach balls, your diving games. But know that the F.O.E. has plenty of kids with distracted parents -- you can also just play with their toys, because they will be bringing A LOT. Also, bring some OFF.

Tips and tricks: Pack a pair of shorts -- impromptu volleyball games are more fun when you join in! And don't forget that the F.O.E. allows guests to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks. A quick way to earn your spot as life of the party is to fire up that grill. Related: I have had a pizza delivered to the lawn.


Neighborhood: Downtown Dallas

What to wear: High heels with bathing suits is not a thing I readily encourage, but if you were ever going to indulge ladies, this is the pool.

What to drink: White sangria and Champagne by the bottle.

Who you will meet: Ku De Ta is a beautiful oasis in Dallas and to truly enjoy the surroundings I like to go during off-hours. That said, it's the closest thing Dallas has to a Vegas-style pool experience, so during peak hours ... expect the kinds of folks who enjoy Vegas-style pool experiences.

Suggested pool toys and accessories: Don't bring a thing. In fact, this members-only club encourages you to pare down and offers towel service to all of their guests. Oh, and about getting one of those memberships: It's all I know a guy who knows a guy.

Tips and tricks: No, but really, go with a small group that already includes a member or two, behave in all the right ways, misbehave in all the fun ways and your invitation for membership will hit your cabana before the afternoon is over.

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