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The Complete Guide to Dallas Pools: Public(ish)

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Tietze Park Public Pool

What to wear: Whatever you can comfortably wear on your bike to get there. This is an East Dallas kid staple, heavy on the family demographic.

What to drink: This is a teenage-level pack-some-secret-liquor-and-put-it-in-a-Coke-from-concession-stand situation.

Who you will meet: East Dallas kids on summer vacation, loyalist East Dallas grown-ups playing hooky from work.

Suggested pool toys and accessories: If you come during the weekday off-hours bring a float. This pool is deep and long and covered in sun all day. Situate yourself and relax. Otherwise, some headphones. This pool isn't so crowded with kids it's a nuisance but all it takes is your own playlist and closed eyes to tune out the weekend gatherings.

Tips and tricks: My favorite way to enjoy Tietze park is after a long bike ride, but at only $2 a pop, it's worth it to stop by and visit a few times to find your favorite time to pool. Its lack of shade is appealing to the sun worshippers.

SMU Barr Pool/Perkins Natatorium

Neighborhood: University Park

What to wear: Speedos, athletic suits. Here you can even pull of a swim cap.

What to drink: Coconut water

Who you will meet: THE SMU SWIMMING AND DIVING TEAMS! Do you remember how attractive you always find the swimmers during the Olympics? Also, learn some proper form, that's more appropriate.

Suggested pool toys and accessories: Swim caps, nose plugs and those weighted exercise flippers to live out those swim team fantasies.

Tips & Tricks: Getting into the SMU Barr Pool is essentially going to require a pool pass/gym membership unless you have an in with students, faculty or staff. That said, you can probably meet some students, faculty or staff hanging out on Sunday at The Hotel Lumen. Also, even though this is a pool designed for lap swimming, there are lounge chairs surrounding it, so get in a workout and stick around for sunbathing in your Speedo. They can't all be shit-shows around the water -- you need to take care of yourself too.

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