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The Curious Case Of Dallas Rockabilly Singer Dennis Herrold

OK. Question of the Day time: Ever heard of a rockabilly artist named Dennis Herrold?

No? OK, good. Us either. Which is why we were intrigued to learn a little bit about him when we stumbled on this post about him while, actually, looking for something else entirely. But once we got there, we were intrigued. Why? Well, OK, the short version...

1.) From 1957 to 1958, Herrold recorded a grand total of four songs, all for Imperial Records, after somehow being discovered in Dallas.
2) Of those four, only two were actually released, even though Herrold did, apparently, also write the song "Stood Up" for once-upon-a-time teen heartthrob Ricky Nelson.
3.) No one knows anything else about him. It seems, one day, Herrold just showed up with a guitar strapped to his back, looking to record. And then, after he did, he disappeared.

Seriously. Here's what the HIllbilly Country blog has to say about the man today: "Nobody knows where Herrold came from, what he did after his music career [or] if he still lives."

Better yet, though, the blog also posted (for download; click on the upcoming links) Herrold's two official releases--"Make With The Lovin'" and "Hip Hip Baby"--both of which are fine examples of early rockabilly and both of which, surprisingly enough, stand the test of time just fine, thanks. Seriously, give 'em a listen.

And now that it's out there: Anybody know anything else about Herrold? --Pete Freedman

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