The Cut*Off Come Home After East Coast Shows With Old 97’s

Our favorite local Pixies-influenced garage rock band, The Cut*Off, are coming home after a few tour stops along the east coast opening up for Old 97’s.

“The crowd response was great,” says guitarist Jayson Hamilton, which is kind of surprising considering that the bands are so stylistically dissimilar.

Good to know those 97’s fan are a tolerant bunch. And, actually, that makes three-for-three on this tour: Upon return, members of I Love Math and The Crash That Took Me, two other local products that each opened for a leg of the 97's' tour, also reported positive feedback about their stints with the 97's. So cheers to the 97's for supporting a few locals...

But back to The Cut*Off: Packed Up For Beginners, the band's outstanding third release that came out in April is still in heavy rotation at my house and should be in yours as well. Catch the band at Club Dada this Saturday and ask them if they got any songwriting tips from Rhett Miller or Murry Hammond, while on the road. (Like they need them.) --Darryl Smyers

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