The Dutch Treats' Last Dallas Show--Maybe Ever--Is the Day After Tomorrow, People

John Freeman, the mastermind behind The Dooms U.K., Telethon, Sloppyworld and too many other contributions to Dallas’ music and art history to list, is bidding adieu to the Big D at the end of August. His Dutch Treats, however, will say goodbye to the city about a month before then.

The Dutch Treats perform at The Double-Wide Thursday at a birthday party for Dallas artist Cabe Booth. Ratcheting up the late ‘90s nostalgia will be Chomsky and the recently reunited Tomorrowpeople.

Speaking of Tomorrowpeople, the band's catalog still isn’t up on iTunes yet. But it sounds like it’ll be worth the wait, as the offerings will include Golden Energy “sweetened” with extra tracks; Marijuana Beach; and Bounced and Renounced, which the band describes as “a collection of tracks -- not necessarily an album, not quite a 'greatest hits' compilation -- from '98 - '00, including the bulk of the material we recorded for Geffen but never released. Thirteen tracks, cleaned up and ready for listening.”

Emails TP's Erich Scholz about the show, “This show was sorta last minute. We're doing it for Cabe. We'll be playing most of the set we played last time at Double-Wide but we never play the same song twice...We'll throw in a cover or two for your amusement. We've got some more shows coming up including a show in Austin! We'll be debuting some new original material and hopefully some older stuff we haven't played in while. We've been rehearsing it.”

I assume he meant "...never play the same song the same way twice." Either way, sounds like a great night.-Jesse Hughey

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